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Single Dad Dating: Making It Easier For You

Being a single dad is hard enough, but consider what it can do to one’s dating life! There are many reasons for being a single dad in today’s society—our very high divorce rate being just one! But just because someone has children it doesn’t mean that they can’t get out and date! A person craves for love no matter what their circumstances, whether it be bereavement that they have finally been able to move on from, divorce, separation and even just out of sheer loneliness. No matter what the reason trying to re-establish yourself into a new relationship; being a single dad dating doesn’t have to be impossible! With a little crafty thinking you can easily find women who will happily date you whether you’re raising your kids alone or not.

Once as single dad you decide it is time to get your self back out there and try dating again you need to let the process go at a slow pace to protect the feeling of your children. There are a few do’s and don’ts for you to consider so that you can protect not only the relationship that is yet to develop with the women you meet but also for your children. Always keep your dates away from your children at first, the reason for this being that whilst you are dating and you should be honest with your children that you are dating, but because you have no idea at this junction where the relationship might be going if anywhere, to keep the two separate. The reason for this is so that your children don’t get confused whilst you go on each new date. Once you are happy with just one person and you can see it going anywhere and the relationship becoming stable then tell your children about her. Once both your date and your children agree and they are both ready then and only then introduce them to each other.

The other reason for not introducing every date to your children is so that you are able to choose weather they are the best person for you and your children without any added pressure.  While on a date you should tell your date immediately that you have children this way you are not misleading them in any way. Some people like children others do not, some are unable to have children so it is always best to fill them in on the full picture before things go to far and you are both let down if the woman chooses that she does not want to get involved into a relationship that has children in it. You should also tell your date weather the children’s mother is alive or not but without going too much into detail at this point. Keep it short and precise once you get to know each other better you can talk about it but not now.

Single dads sometimes find that they have problems trying to get back into dating and looking after their children at the same time. This is where the internet helps some people out but for others and for the people who do there are a lot of other ways of meeting women; Networking, Volunteering, Internet dating, Blind dates and always be careful of dating someone from work but don’t rule it out completely as some office relationships do work out without compromising your job…and make work a lot more fun as well!