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Do you have a Father's Day page or website? Is your page about your dad, grandfather, or someone that was like a dad to you? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this community, are about Fathers!!

Maiden Fair's Salute to Fathers
This is my salute to my Father and also to my Father-in-law.

Happy Father's Day
Greetings !! I have alot of fun things to do & see, From reading to making your hubby/dad a great dinner..Grab a glass of ice tea..pull up a chair..Sit a spell. I hope you enjoy.

Grandma's communitys
Starting from this community page, you can visit Grandma's Farm, Grandma's POW/MIA/KIA memorial, Grandpa's Albumpages, or Uncle Robin's Greatest Game just by clicking the links on the Communitys-R.Us index ...

A Canton Father's Day
Features my Chowdren, Chow Chow Dogs, in a Father's Day setting.

Wild Bill's Mother's Day & Father's Day Round-up.
This Holiday Mini Site contains Lullabies, Biblical Patriarch Songs, and other songs, adoptions, and web pages which are fitting for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

GrannyDancer's Holiday Home
GrannyDancer has created several pages to celebrate Father's Day!

My Father's Day Web
Come in to have some fun on Father's Day! Be a kid again and play games. Also read some poetry for those celebrating or grieving on Father's Day.

The Father's Day SiteCommunity Homepage
This sitecommunity is for all homepages that celebrate dads and all they do!

Lore's Father's Day Sillies
Come see what wonderful sillies I've found for Father's day!

Happy Father's Day
My pages for my daddy.

Adrienne's Father's Day Page
My Father's Day page has graphics, pets, music, awards and communitys for Father's Day.

Father's Day Funology
Father's Day resources including crafts, activities, recipes, e-cards, computer enhancements, history and related facts. All major and many minor holidays included. Non-holiday pages to follow.{;}

Star Dreamer's Tribute To Dad
A special Tribute to my Dad made with TLC. Great graphics, poems, stories, quotes, memories. Stop by and share in a memory with me! Hugs!

Creative Experiments in Writing
This is my Official Holiday Site. All major holidays celebrated.

Fathers Day Cards Poems Ecards Greeting Cards
Fathers day Cards with Poems, beautiful heart warming greeting cards and ecards, Prayers Blessings and all, greeting cards from son daughter, children, fathers day cards for grandfather son brother, in-laws ...

.:A Classic Man:. A Fathers Day [email protected]
Dedicated to Father's Everywhere on this very special Holiday. Also Stamps, Quilt, Links, Poetry, Quotes, Stories and Poems and more. Be sure to also visit my Tribute to the Man who loved me and will always ...

My Dad.....
This page is dedicated to one of the most important men in my life, my dad.

Father's Day Word Search Puzzles
Amazingly, people still seem surprised about our Father's Day puzzle. They ask, "what words would you put in it"? In fact, there are quite a few words available to honor your father. Choose the puzzle's ...

Fatherís Day Ring

Every year thereís one holiday that most of us tend to forget Ė Fathers Day. Itís a shame that fathers day gets overlooked for Motherís Day, which is a couple of months before it. The comedian Chris Rock had a bit where he gave the proper shout outs to fathers everywhere and itís true. While in previous generations, the division of labor was clear Ė fathers worked and paid for things, mothers stayed at home and maintained the household Ė things have become much more different. Unfortunately with the rising costs of goods and the slow increase in wages, both parents are working now and many kids tend to overlook the considerable work that fathers do at home. However, now is the time that we all took back Fathers Day and gave our dads their proper due. We can all be better kids and one of the first steps in achieving this goal is to give your father the Fathers Day that he properly deserves.

When is Fathers Day

Yes, in many way the question of when is fathers day is a bit absurd, but it is a testament to how forgotten Fathers Day is for some people. Fathers Day is a holiday that takes place in most countries throughout the world, but there is no one single fathers day that is shared by all countries. Most countries typically celebrate Fathers Day on the third Sunday of June. These countries that celebrate Fathers Day on that day are the North American nations of United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Latin American and Caribbean countries that celebrate Fathers Day on that day include: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. Other countries that have Fathers Day at this same time include: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

Other countries have Fathers Day at a different time. On February 23, Russia has something that they can agree on with Ukraine and Belarus, as these nations celebrate their Fatherís Day. March 19 is a busy day for the people in Bolivia, Honduras, Italy, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland as people are scrambling to make sure that they get their Fathers Day present on time. Romania celebrates their Fathers Day on May 5, while South Korea celebrates Parents Day just three days later. The first Sunday of June is the time that Lithuanians celebrate Fathers Day, while a week later is Fathers Day for Austria, Belgium, and Ecuador. June 5 is Fathers Day for Denmark while El Salvador and Guatemala celebrate their Fathers Day on June 17.

Nicaragua, Poland and Uganda share June 23 as their Fathers Day. A week later is Vietnamís Fathers Day. Uruguay celebrates their Fathers Day on the third Sunday of July while the Dominican Republic has their Fathers Day pegged on the last Sunday of that month. Brazil has chosen the second Sunday of August for their Fathers Day celebration while Taiwanís Fathers Day is on August 8. The first Sunday of September is when Australia and New Zealand celebrates their Fatherís Day. The Nordic countries of Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden have their fathers day set on the second Sunday of November. The final Fathers Day of the year takes place on December 5 in Thailand.

The History of Fathers Day

It is amazing to hear the original stories for these holidays. Thereís nothing like hearing the official reasoning for Fathers Day to fully appreciate the holiday. America was one of the first countries to celebrate Fathers Day, which they did on July 5, 1908. This initial Fathers Day celebration took place in Fairmont, West Virginia at a church service at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South. Local legend has it that Grace Golden Clayton suggested a day to celebrate fathers due to a recent mine explosion in nearby Monongah that had killed 361 men Ė many of them recent immigrants and fathers. Another theory is that it was initially celebrated due to the recent inauguration of Motherís Day in nearby Grafton. Regardless of the reason, Fatherís Day soon spread throughout the country and became a hot topic.

Despite its excellent reasoning, it wouldnít be until 1972 that Fatherís Day became officially recognized as a holiday. By then Fathers Day began to be celebrated in June due to the intense efforts of a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, who was born in Creston, Washington. Recognizing the efforts of Anna Jarvis in establishing Motherís Day, Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to create a holiday that celebrated the efforts of fathers throughout the country. Considering that her father was a Civil War veteran that had the arduous task of raising six children as a single parent, it was pretty easy for Dodd to gain support. The first June Fathers Day took place in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910. Various public figures like Williams Jennings Bryan, President Woodrow Wilson, President Calvin Coolidge, and President Lyndon Johnson worked hard to recognize Fathers Day as a holiday. President Johnson even established that Fathers Day should take place on the third Sunday of every June. However, it would not be until Richard Nixonís presidency that Fathers Day was officially recognized as a holiday.

Fathers Day Gifts

Weíve all been there Ė just sitting around, talking to your friends, when the question comes up Ė What did you get for your dad for Fathers Day? Of course many people are caught by surprise by Fathers Day. The ambiguous day doesnít exactly help and many people find that getting the right fathers day gifts to be one of the hardest parts of the holiday. However, this couldnít be further from the truth.

Remember when you were a kid in elementary school and there would be a day devoted to activities to make your dad a great fathers day gift? Well, in many ways, this was the perfect present for your father. How many fathers can resist unique fathers day gifts that you have created to show them how much you care? Whether you attempt to make your dad something like clothing or things that can be used around the house, unique fathers day gifts are something that you canít go wrong with.

Of course, after a certain age, those homemade Fathers Day gifts just arenít going to pass the mustard. Getting the proper fathers day gifts for your dad can be difficult but it is in your best interest to get him a gift that he will enjoy. Now is the time to think hard about your dadís life and of things that he would enjoy or would use. Many retailers have made electronics and tools the feature items for their Fathers Day sales. If youíre father is the type of person that loves to tinker on home improvement projects, you may find that getting him some additions to his tool box is the way to go. However, if you have a father that falls hard for gadgets, you can get him the latest technological gadgets like a Blackberry or another PDA.

When you are picking the perfect fathers day present for your dad, it is important that you determine what things your dad enjoys. If your father is looking for some rest and relaxation and is an avid golf fan, then you can never go wrong with getting your dad some fantastic clubs. For those of you who have parents that are avid readers, then you can always select a book that youíve really enjoyed that you think your father will like as well. Fathers Day is a great opportunity for children to pass on the things that they really like to your father, as long as youíre sure that your dad wonít hate it. Of course, some people will complain that their fathers donít really need any more material goods. Thatís when you can give your father the best present of all Ė your time.

Spending time with your father on Fathers Day is one of the best presents you can give your dad. While it is normal to have a big Fathers Day meal with the entire family around, giving your dad some alone time with you is a great present. Whether itís an afternoon out on the golf course or helping out on a special project fixing up the home or a car, you will find that the private time and conversation that comes from this is something that will make your dad very happy.

Another great approach to fathers day gifts is getting something of sentimental value to your dad. While many people assume that it is just their moms that like somewhat corny gifts, you know that fathers enjoy enlarged photos of the family from back in the day. Whatever fathers day gifts you decide to give to your dad, the most important thing is that you spend your time considering what the present is. After all, it really isnít about what the present is but the thought that counts.