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Tips and Deets for Dating Online

Isn’t love grand? And even more grand now that we don’t have to waste our time trolling bars, pubs, clubs and street corners in hopes of finding it?! We live in an age where even dating has been made easier for us thanks to the internet and the genius invention of online dating. And you thought that phone dating was cool!

The greatest thing about online dating is how organized and neat it makes things for those of us out looking to meet others. The online dating sites have taken the time to create different categories or ‘communities’ dedicated to the different types of connections that you may be looking to make so you don’t have to weed through the barrage of people out looking for something that you’re not. They have it broken down into casual dating, long term relationships, just for fun and even intimate/casual encounters for those looking for something physical. And if that didn’t already make your life a whole lot easier and help you to breathe a sigh of relief, then how about the endless amount of sites dedicated to specific people and backgrounds! Check it out:

Online Dating: As already mentioned, online dating sites are for anyone looking for anything from a casual fling to a long term relationship. These sites generally offer free basic memberships to women and then charge for membership which comes with certain privileges, like being able to contact an unlimited number of members per month, etc. How they work is that singles create a profile with some information about themselves and have the opportunity to upload a picture as well. You then scroll the listings based on the criteria of your choosing (age, location, eye color…) and can send messages to those that tickle you fancy.

Religion-Specific Dating: These sites cater to those who are looking to date people of a specific religion. While some have no issues with dating outside their religion, others would prefer to find someone who shares the same belief system for various reasons. Christian dating, Jewish dating, Catholic dating are just a few of the options.

Race/Culture-Specific Dating: For those who have a strong pride of their heritage or a preference for someone of the same background or even preference for a particular culture; there are online dating sites that cater to specific races and backgrounds. Some of them are: Asian dating, Latin dating, European dating, Indian dating, African American dating—just to name a few.

Age-Specific Dating: For those whose interests fall within a specific age range or those that belong to a certain generation and wish to meet the same, you can join online dating sites that include things like; Seniors dating, 50 Plus dating, Teen dating, etc.

Some Final Tips

No matter what type of online dating site you decide to use, the same rules apply as far as your safety goes! Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Don’t divulge any personal information or specifics too soon, such as your last name, address or work place or even home telephone number.
  • Be sure to report any abusive or threatening behavior to the site moderators.
  • Listen to your instincts! If you have a nagging feeling that something is off, then go with that and move on; most of the time our instincts are dead on.

When you do decide to meet someone in person, make sure to do somewhere public like a café or restaurant and NEVER get into the same car or agree to meet anywhere private or secluded. Remember what your parents taught you about going off with strangers who offer you candy! If he or she is on the up and up, there will be plenty of time for candy AFTER you’ve gotten to know and trust each other.

Now go off and have fun! Mr. or Mrs. Right is only a click away!