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Male Breast Reduction

In this world that we live in, the way that we look really matters. While some people associate this with superficial concerns like having a tight six pack or having bigger breasts, many individuals in this country struggle with the way that they look and have less lofty dreams for the way that they want to look. One group of individuals that definitely feel this way are men that have the condition called gynecomastia, which can be translated as ‘women-like breasts.’
Although men undoubtedly find breasts sexy and often fixate on female’s breasts, there are very very few women that feel the same way about breasts on a man. A man having breasts is often viewed as somebody that is not in good physical shape and not overly manly. As you can imagine, this can be a big blow for men that do have breasts. Reports have shown that men with this condition have much more trouble being successful in the dating scene and are often overlooked for professional advancement to make room for others that look stronger and more youthful. Considering how much of a detriment this physical feature has on their lives, it isn’t surprising to learn that men with gynecomastia often find that their self-confidence suffers due to this condition. Wearing loose fitting clothing that covers this part of their body and avoiding looking at the mirror can eventually wear down on a person and in many cases, these men find that gynecomastia is stopping them from living their lives to the fullest. Although Plastic Surgery is typically associated with women, there are a number of plastic surgery treatments that are designed solely for men. One of these treatments is known as male breast reduction.
While some people think that gynecomastia is a rare condition, doctors have found that it affects between 40 to 60 percent of all men. As you can imagine, this is quiet a significant number and a big reason why male breast reduction surgery is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgical procedure among male plastic surgery patients. While there are many people that criticize the popularity of the plastic surgery industry citing the Dangers of Plastic Surgery and examples of plastic surgery gone wrong, male breast reduction surgery patients will paint these critics a nightmarish portrait of self-doubt and despair over a condition that they couldn’t really control. Although any plastic surgery patient would be foolish to not worry about the threat of bad plastic surgery or being an example of awful plastic surgery, recent plastic surgery statistics have shown that the overwhelming majority of male breast reduction surgery treatments have been safe and successful. If you are considering male breast reduction surgery, you may be interested in reading on and learning more about the procedure and its potential risks and its benefits.

Are you a candidate for male breast reduction surgery?

When people talk about the unfortunate situation of plastic surgery patients having unrealistic expectations about the outcome of their surgery, they often assume that this will predominantly apply to female plastic surgery patients. However, cosmetic surgeons throughout the country will be able to provide tons of stories of having to convince male plastic surgery patients that their treatment doesn’t necessarily mean that they will end up with their dream body. This is particularly true when it comes to male breast reduction surgery.
Although male breast reduction surgery is designed to remove excess fat and glandular tissue from the male chest area to create a flatter and healthier looking chest, male breast reduction surgery is not intended as an alternative to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. In many instances, a qualified plastic surgeon will refuse to perform male breast reduction surgery on overweight individuals that have not tried to lose weight by exercising to get rid of gynecomastia. Additionally, studies have indicated that gynecomastia is partially caused by marijuana use, excessive alcohol consumption, and the use of anabolic steroids. As a result, the vast majority of cosmetic surgeons will not perform male breast reduction surgery on patients that consume or use any of those three things as they would advise that the patient stops these activities and see whether their gynecmastia diminishes.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), male breast reduction surgery is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery among men. Although the treatment is typically safe and popular, undergoing male breast reduction surgery is a big decision for any man to make and should be considered carefully. Make sure that you have all of your questions answered by a board certified cosmetic surgeon whose experience performing this surgery is something that you can trust. In your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, the plastic surgeon will examine your chest and determine what has caused the development of gynecomastia in your body. In instances where the cause of gyecomastia is a symptom of a medical problem like impaired liver function, the plastic surgeon will refer you to a more appropriate medical specialist. In instances where the plastic surgeon is able to perform male breast reduction surgery on a patient, this initial consultation allows the plastic surgeon to determine how much fat and glandular tissue are in the patient’s breasts, thus providing the blueprint for the patient’s male breast reduction surgery. Male breast reduction surgery is typically performed in an outpatient center, although there are instances where it is performed at either a hospital or the plastic surgeon’s office.
Typically, male breast reduction surgery patients are given a general anesthetic, so they are not able to feel a thing during the surgery. Once the patient is relaxed, the plastic surgeon will make an incision in the patient’s body that will allow them to cut away the excess glandular tissue in the affected breast area with a scalpel. Although qualified plastic surgeons are extremely conscious of making subtle incisions that result in inconspicuous scars, in cases where there is a lot of excess breast tissue to cut away, the plastic surgeon will have to make a large incision that results in a permanent scar. In instances where excessive fatty tissue makes up the basis of the patient’s gynecomastia, the plastic surgeon will employ liposuction surgical methods to complete the male breast reduction surgery. Once the excess breast tissue has been removed, the plastic surgeon will stretch out the chest skin and often cut away excess skin. The plastic surgeon will then tighten the patient’s chest skin and stitch it into place, providing the patient with a sleeker chest appearance and a more manly look.