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What Is New In Cars

Who doesn’t want a new car for Christmas?  Well the answer is probably everyone.  Even the most staunch environmentalist probably wants a car that runs on cobs of corn or something.  But joking aside there are some great new cars available on the market this year and they will make your engine vrrrrroooooooommmmm with excitement.

There are the standard cars that have hit the market and in all fairness it is these automobiles that will most likely be the top sellers this year.  The cars include ones like the Vibe and the Ford Focus, but seriously who really wants to talk about these duds.  We want Horsepower, looks and prestige.  The following list of cars are the big Kahunas in this years race for the coolest cars.

  • Vehicle Name Class List Price
  • Aston Martin DB9   Exotic $155,000 - $168,000
  • Chevrolet Corvette   High-Performance $43,710 - $51,445
  • Ferrari 612 Scaglietti   Exotic TBA
  • Ford GT   Exotic $139,995
  • Ford Mustang   Sport Two-Door $18,785 - $25,705
  • Lotus Elise   Exotic $39,985
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class   Sport Two-Door $45,500
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren   Exotic $450,000
  • Mini Cooper S (convertible)   Sport Two-Door $24,400
  • Porsche 911 (Carrera) High-Performance $69,300 - $79,100

Sure not all of these cars are in most people’s price range but there is always time to dream.  But at the same time there are some affordable models in this list.  For instance you can pick up the new bigger and badder Ford Mustang for only 22,000 dollars.  A relative steal when compared to the Mercedes SLR McLaren, which will set you back what a condo in New York would.

And for that environmentalist out there we have put the Mimi-Cooper on the list.  While this mini-marvel is maybe a little over priced, it is far more efficient than any other model on the list.  Plus you can park it just about anywhere you want to.  Who wants a Mento?

And of course the Lotus Elise stands out in this list like a sore thumb.  Who would have ever thought that one-day you would be able to buy a Lotus for under 60,000 dollars.  I guess they have realized that they have to sell more cars to make some money, hence the very affordable Lotus Elise.  Can you imagine getting a Lotus for Christmas?  I can, and I go just about every night before going to sleep.

But whatever the car you may be getting for Christmas, bear in mind that even as a gift cars take money to keep on the road and if you think that the insurance for a Ford GT will be cheap you are probably not smart enough to be driving a car anyway.