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Video Dating – The Next Wave In Computer Dating

And you thought that regular online dating was the epitome of technology’s marriage to dating! Video dating just blows that right out of the water then doesn’t it?! Video dating is the newest trend in dating and one that really does take online dating to a whole new level.

Video dating sites are popping up all over the place and proving incredibly successful. The way they work is that unlike regular online dating sites where you communicate with other singles using chats or messages; video dating connects you via video for your introduction. The premise behind this new type of dating service is that by allowing two people to communicate via live video that they are better able to know if there is a connection or chemistry than they would via messages and chats. And while online dating is quite successful, it is easy to see how video dating would be even better.

Another difference between video dating and online dating is the way the memberships work. With online dating, women often get to join for free and then packages of credits can be purchased that dictate how many messages you can send or you can get memberships that allow you unlimited use of the service for a certain amount of time. With video dating sites you pay for the amount of video dates that you get to use. Each date has a time limit, though you can end the video date anytime you want should the other person be…well…a dud.

If you’re going to give video dating a try then I would suggest you keep a few things in mind before getting started. This kind of service is a little bit pricier than the other, regular online dating sites so you really want to be prepared and do your best to get your money’s worth. Think about what kind of person you want to meet and jot it down on paper. Think about the things that you feel are most important to have in your profile to give a clear understanding of who you are and be honest. Don’t sign up for the service until you’re happy with your profile information. And once you do sign up, be willing to give it your all. Remember that unlike other dating sites, you won’t have the comfort of connecting with others while hiding behind emails and chats while in your PJ’s and  looking all disheveled because you’re just home chllin’ for the night. Video dating means that the other person will be able to see you—live and in real time! You want to make a good impression so take the time and effort to look good—no—amazing for your date. It’ll be easy to get a little too relaxed since you’ll be having your video date from your home, so try to be aware of things like your facial expressions, mannerisms and tone since they will definitely be able to pick up on everything you do and say.

Video dating should be approached with the same gusto and flair that in-person dates should be, so if you’ve chosen to pay for a video date with someone that seems like a good match, make sure you work it!