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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway rose to fame with the Disney movie The Princess Diaries in 2001. Recently anne hathaway moved on to more mature roles, such as that played by anne hathaway in havoc and brokeback mountain. There was much controversy about the anne hathaway havoc role because of the nude scenes but Brokeback Mountain brought the actress anne hathaway critical acclaim. The other major Anne Hathaway role was as Meryl Streep’s assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaway has most recently starred as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane. Anne Hathaway is still a fairly fresh face on the Hollywood scene and so far the actress anne hathaway has been pretty good at choosing diverse roles and not becoming typecast, either as a children’s role model or as a sex object. The nude scenes anne hathaway participated in as anne hathaway in havoc and in Brokeback Mountain were risky for her career but were still tasteful.
Anne Hathaway has a great role coming up as Agent 99 in the film adaptation of Get Smart, opposite Steve Carrell. The career of anne hathaway actress began at a fairly young age. The mother of anne hathaway was also an actress. While it has been rumoured that anne hathaway actress was named after William Shakespeare’s wife, this is not actually true. Anne Hathaway got her first big break with the 1999 television series Get Real but the career of anne hathaway actress did not take off until she stared in the popular Disney film The Princess Diaries. The Princess Diaries announced anne hathaway as a fresh new face with some comedic talent. Anne Hathaway charmed audiences as the bumbling girl who gets made over into a princess, a role anne hathaway actress would again play in The Devil Wears Prada and Ella Enchanted. Anne Hathaway excels at these Cinderella style roles but has refused to become typecast by the Disney image.
The actress anne hathaway fought against this typecasting not by doing a risque spread in a men’s magazine like so many other actresses have done in the past but rather by taking on more challenging roles. In 2005, anne hathaway actress took on two roles that brought her critical and audience attention. The first of these roles was anne hathaway in havoc. The anne hathaway havoc role brought Anne Hathaway mixed reviews but also gave her a lot of exposure. For anne hathaway havoc allowed her to break free of the Disney girl image in which she was being typecast. The scandal surrounding anne hathaway in havoc was due to her topless scenes and scenes with heavy sexual content. The anne hathaway havoc scandal was downplayed by Anne Hathaway herself but brought some attention to a film that was never theatrically released in the United States. For those who actually saw the film, the anne hathaway havoc role was not as scandalous as it was publicized to be. If you are looking for pictures of anne hathaway in havoc, you can probably find anne hathaway havoc movie stars online, as there are a few anne hathaway actress fan sites that feature Anne Hathaway galleries. The anne hathaway in havoc role, however, was considerably overshadowed by the anne hathaway role in brokeback mountain. Brokeback Mountain brought anne hathaway actress a lot of positive critical attention. In brokeback mountain, Anne Hathaway plays the wife of Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the homosexual cowboys. Brokeback Mountain allowed anne hathaway to move into a more mature dramatic role. There are also nude scenes featuring anne hathaway actress in brokeback mountain. Anne Hathaway did a very decent job in her brokeback mountain role but in some ways anne hathaway was too pretty for Brokeback Mountain. Brokeback Mountain spans many years and they were not able to age anne hathaway actress enough for this to be believable. Still, Anne Hathaway puts in a convincing performance in her brokeback mountain role. Probably the best Brokeback Mountain scenes for anne hathaway are when Anne Hathaway plays the young barrel racer at the rodeo who attracts Jake Gyllenhaal’s character. Brokeback Mountain was important to the career of anne hathaway actress because it made audiences and critics take notice of Anne Hathaway as a young woman rather than just a Disney princess.
The biggest box office hit for anne hathaway has so far been The Devil Wears Prada. This 2006 Anne Hathaway hit brought anne hathaway actress some positive critical attention but much success with audiences. Of course, in The Devil Wears Prada anne hathaway is overshadowed by the talents of Meryl Streep. The anne hathaway character is fighting to prove herself as an editor’s assistant at a top fashion magazine where she just does not fit in. Once again Anne Hathaway plays the girl who goes through a transformation and becomes a swan. Anne Hathaway has stated in the past that Meryl Streep is one of her idols so it must have been a dream for anne hathaway actress to make this film. Anne Hathaway is certainly not the draw for The Devil Wears Prada, however, and it is Meryl Streep who commands attention. Actually the anne hathaway character gets a little annoying as the movie progresses but anne hathaway still manages to hold her own next to Meryl Streep and that is a major feat in itself.
In 2008 anne hathaway actress will star as Agent 99 in Get Smart, which should be a very fun and entertaining movie. While I think Anne Hathaway may be a little young for the role of Agent 99, anne hathaway seems to do her best work in supporting roles and Anne Hathaway should make a decent straight-man to Steve Carrell’s Maxwell Smart. Anne Hathaway has also received some critical acclaim for her Jane Austen role in Becoming Jane. Anne Hathaway is pretty and charming but she has yet to distinguish herself as an actress to watch out for and so far seems to rest in that category of young, charming actresses who could probably all play each other’s roles.