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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Every generation has had a superstar couple that may be loved or despised but are a topic that is on everyone’s mind. Whether it’s Julius Caesar and Cleopatra in the times of Ancient Rome or Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the 1960s, it’s hard for people to ignore a celebrity couple that lives an excessive life that so many of us fantasize about. However, could anyone have expected that a celebrity marriage between a blonde bombshell more famous for her breast implants than for her acting career and a troubled drummer who hadn’t had a hit record for over ten years could capture the imagination of the international public? It may sound strange but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, as the power couple of the late 1990s was undoubtedly Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Both Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee shared a reputation of extreme sexiness before they had even met. Pamela Anderson rocketed to fame as the curvaceous lifeguard CJ Parker on the international hit TV show, Baywatch. One of the worst reviewed shows in television history, it is easy to see the appeal of Baywatch. It featured such femme fatales as Anderson, Nicole Eggert, Yasmine Bleeth, and Carmen Electra running around in tight lifeguard uniforms in slow motion. The show’s success may not have been rocket science but it did manage to rocket Pamela Anderson straight to fame. This combined with Anderson’s frank honesty about her sexual life made her an object of attraction for millions of people around the world. To learn more about the career of Pamela Anderson, check out the article Pamela Anderson Video. Tommy Lee, on the other hand, had sexiness in his blood. The son of a former Miss Greece, Tommy Lee was one of the baddest boys in the 1980s heavy metal scene, one that graced many bad boys. Tommy Lee famously married Heather Locklear in the 1980s and despite being married to one of the most attractive women in Hollywood at the time, the marriage would flame out due to Lee’s infidelity. Although Tommy Lee’s musical success would end at the turn of the 1990s due to the popularity of grunge, a musical explosion that firmly rejected the excesses of 1980s metal, he was still a popular figure around Hollywood’s party scene. As these two figures became legends around Hollywood, it would seem that it would be just a matter of time before these two met their matches in each other. Many people wonder about what would happen if two titanic beasts like a lion and a shark were to ever collide. All they know is that it would be explosive, and so was the first meeting of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. The two met for the first time on February 15, 1995 while they were vacationing in Cancun. Reports have indicated that Pamela Anderson was not a Tommy Lee fan when they first met and tried valiantly to avoid him. However, there is only so long that any woman can resist the swarthy charms of the Crue’s drummer, and Tommy Lee succeeded in convincing Pamela Anderson to marry him in just four days. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee married on February 19, 1995 in a classy Cancun beach wedding. The groom wore swimming trunks while the beaming bride was adorned in a thong bikini. Rather then following the traditional route of exchanging wedding rings, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee decided to really prove their love to each by tattooing the other’s names on their body. With such frenzied displays of love, the public could only imagine how wild Pamela Anderson’s and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon was … or would they have to imagine it at all? Considering the wild style of both these maverick celebrities, nobody was the least bit surprised that the couple videotaped their honeymoon. However, this private video was stolen from their home that year and was quickly accessible on the Internet and for sale at pornographic video stores. When you consider how many people throughout the world has fantasized about seeing Pamela Anderson Nude, it is little surprise to learn that the pamela anderson sex tape was a rousing success. The Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Sex Video was truly revolutionary in that it only positively impacted their careers. Unlike other celebrities who have had sex tapes leaked, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were viewed sympathetically because it was a private pamela anderson sex video that had been stolen from their homes. The Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Sex Tape would create a new category in the porn industry known as celebrity porn. The tape was so popular that Poison singer Brett Michaels released a Brett Michaels and Pamela Anderson Sex Tape that the two had made years ago. The couple also showed that they had a sense of humor about the whole affair as Tommy Lee recorded a song called, “Get Naked” with his band, Methods of Mayhem, with a video that lampooned the whole incident. Although Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were able to stay strong in the wave of their first marriage crisis, other problems would develop in their marriage. The two are known for their volatility that only adds to their sex appeal. However, the equation of two like minded individuals trying to make a marriage that was heavily scrutinized in the tabloids is a predictable recipe for disaster. News reports surfaced that domestic abuse was occurring in the marriage that led to Tommy Lee being imprisoned for six months. Lee would claim that Anderson had initiated these outbursts and the couple would reunite once Tommy Lee was released from prison. Another well-known controversy of the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson marriage was Anderson’s accusation that she had obtained Hepatitis C from Tommy Lee. Anderson explained that the two would share tattoo needles, but Lee has denied this. Although the couple would eventually divorce after three years of marriage, they continue to remain friends among rumors of a romantic reunion. By all accounts, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are exemplary parents of their two children: Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee. The Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee marriage were truly one of the biggest stories of its time. The couple brought a recklessness to a culture that was becoming increasingly restless with prosperity. Although the times have changed, the news of Pamela Anderson’s recent divorce to musician, Kid Rock, have many pundits anticipating a potential Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee reconciliation.