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This community is to bcommunity about awareness of the problem of domestic violence. Domestic Violence does not discriminate against age, race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation. There can not be any pornography, gender bashing, or excessive vaulgar language. It must be as family friendly as possible when dealing with this issue.{;}So if you want to help in spreading awareness about DV then this is the community for you.{;}

about my sister that was murdered in 1996 by her husband

Labors of Love, the causes-Abuse
Labors of Love is a site within my main Poetry Pages of mc rigsby. It is my causes site which covers all the things that concern me, stigma, hate, violence, injustice, I want more people to be involved. ...

Project Heather
This is a site for women in the northwest area on DV.

Nature's Fellowship of Earth Religion
Pagan in nature. Touches on world issues. I always under construction. I am contantly adding new things. Promotes love, religous tolerance, etc.

ForeverTears-My Safe Haven
My aim here is to provide a safe haven of HEART felt warmth and care for myself and others who have suffered from abuse and their supporters. A tranquil atmosphere where we may gain some understanding ...

My world of Poetry, Quotations, Inspirational writings, Toasts, Music and Campaign against Domestic Violence and Animal abuse,

Elainna's New Place
An eclectic, thought provoking collection of original essays, short stories,a self-help book, Family photos,and dedication pages. Reader friendly though ironic at times.

Jani's World
Come join me in My World. Take a deep breath, relax, and get lost for a while.... No rush....

Heather's Place
It's mainly about me and the things that i like

About Vi
this is a linking page to my main url to describe "me', what I been through, basically what makes 'me' me! It is my hope that some information here may be of help to someone else....

Birgit's Vids
A showcase for my Farscape and X-Files music videos.

Serenity 'N Sanctuary
This site is dedicated to victims and survivors of domestic violence. Show your support by visiting 'SNS' and pick up a banner or purple ribbon while there.

A spiritual exploration of the divine feminine and much more. Please join my journey.

Education Against Domestic Violence
Author Dianne Schwartz developed this site as an adjunct to her non-profit organization, which assists battered women. Message board for female victims and survivors.

Save The Angels
Teaches why we should protect our baby angels.Also angel poems,angel pics and more.

brown eyes!!! place
I tell a little bit about my battle with DV. Pics of my 2 wonderful children which are now 14 and 7. {;}

The Garden House
The Garden House is a place for women, by women. Please stop by and visit us!

siren song
My experience with, and escape from domestic violence as well as resource links for victims, and some freelance writing as well.

Rebel Angel and Little Rebel Angel
We have walked the edge of life, and made it. We have seen the worst, and are conquecommunity it. We are the rebels of life that break the rules. We are the angels of life that care. We are the survivors ...

Shattered Pieces
Information and links regarding domestic violence, my personal account of abuse and healing tools for victims

Silent Tears of Abuse
I put this website together with the hope that my writings will awaken and maybe help those who are being abused and to let those who have been abused that they have not always been alone in this.

Miss Kim's Kreations ~ Dear Diary
Don't become a Statistic...There is Help Available for You :) Abuse of any Nature should NOT happen...but it does. Help Others Help Themselves :)

My family webpage
A webpage I made to show of my two children. It has info about homebirth, parenting, breastfeeding and a few causes that are near and dear to me.

In Memory of Sheila
My site paye tribute to thesweetest person I have ever known...My Mother. She died as a result of Domestic Violence. I want to not only tell my mother's story but perhaps help others as well.

Temple Of Love
My website is about what I believe to be the most important thing in life: LOVE for all living creatures.....{;}You'll find different kind of things overhere eg. child abuse, missing children, quotations, ...