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Tunisia is not a very popular travel destination but for those who are looking for somewhere a little different to explore, tunisia could be an interesting country to visit. Tunisia is a Muslim country in North Africa and a former French colony. Visitors to tunisia, especially women, should be aware of this official Muslim tradition and the problems it may cause Western tourists. Tunisia has a strong economy for Africa. In fact, tunisia was ranked the most competitive African and Arab economy of 2007. Tunisia has many political problems when it comes to the human rights and freedom of speech of citizens of tunisia. The government of Tunisia is technically a republic and has been dominated by one political party since tunisia became an independent nation. The current government of tunisia does not accept any criticism from tunisia citizens or opposing parties and is well known for arresting dissidents. If you decide to visit Tunisia as a Western tourist, be safe and aware of tunisia customs or stick to a resort or hotel area.
A map of tunisia reveals that Tunisia is located at the Northernmost point of Africa. On a map of tunisia, tunisia is bordered to the North by the Mediterranean Sea. A map of tunisia reveals why tunisia was such a popular port nation for Europeans trading with Africa and perhaps why the French decided to take control of Tunisia. If you look at a map of tunisia you will see the Sahara desert covers that forty percent of tunisia. If you are visiting Tunisia, you will want to stick to cities or to guided tours. They may offer guided treks of the tunisia Sahara, though these would probably be expensive. If you have decided to visit Tunisia, you will certainly want to bring a map of tunisia along. You can find a map of tunisia in any basic travel guide of Tunisia. You may want a general map of tunisia if you are traveling around the country but if you are staying in the cities you will want a more detailed map of tunisia that shows public transit routes.
You could also get this map of tunisia from a travel agent or online. Tunisia, like Morocco and other Northern Africa Muslim countries, boasts some beautiful architecture and historical cities. Tunisia does not encourage tourism to the same extent as Morocco, however, though tourism to tunisia, especially from European countries, is steadily increasing. Tunisia offers ferryboats to other countries on the Mediterranean. If you are visiting tunisia, you will probably want to stick to the Tunisia coast because tunisia has many beautiful beaches. There are resorts on the coast of Tunisia that are popular with tourists. For backpackers staying outside of tourist areas, tunisia can be an affordable trip but can also be dangerous if you don’t know what to watch out for. Tunisia has so many human rights issues because of its oppressive government and religious fundamentalist sectors, which often actually oppose one another. Tunisia is officially a Muslim country, with nearly all of the native people of tunisia belonging to Islam. The government of tunisia, however, has decreed that Tunisia be a progressive Muslim country.
This idea of tunisia being “progressive” has had some negative effects on the human rights of the Tunisia people. For example, women of tunisia are not allowed to wear the hijab in work, school, or in government buildings or they will be arrested and pressured. Tunisia does not believe in political or religious freedom if it will detract from the power of the tunisia government. Western women traveling to Tunisia should be aware that they will attract a lot of unwanted attention if they do not dress modestly. When some people think of Tunisia they think of the Dizzy Gillespie song a night in tunisia. The song night in tunisia was a favourite be bop jazz hit sung by Dizzy Gillespie and his band beginning in 1942. Many people consider a night in tunisia to be a major jazz classic. Dizzy Gillespie himself named the song night in tunisia. For those not lucky enough to witness a performance of a night in tunisia, you can find night in tunisia on many recordings.
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The practice of tunisian crochet requires a longer needle that a crochet needle. If you are interested in learning tunisian crochet, there are many books on how to tunisian crochet, complete with tunisian crochet patterns. You could also look online for advice on how to tunisian crochet. There are many sites about learning how to tunisian crochet and some of these tunisian crochet sites may offer instructional videos. Tunisia is an interesting choice as a travel destination. Tunisia can offer you a great vacation if you are looking for a Mediterranean resort. If you are hoping to explore a culture and meet friendly locals then tunisia may not be the place for the more inexperienced traveler. Tunisia can be especially dangerous for women traveling alone, as the local men can get away with a lot more in tunisia then they can in Western countries. Despite the warnings, tunisia can offer you a unique African experience. Tunisia has a lot of history and the old cities of tunisia could be fascinating to explore. Just be safe and aware and your visit to Tunisia should go smoothly.