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All knitters love free knitting patterns so if you have some to share on your page, or are looking for some, this is the place! To join you may have a private or commercial site and must have at least one free knitting pattern for download on your page. (You must also abide by the rules as set out on the community's home page). Visit ~ http://www.chavie.net/knitcommunity.html
Knitting for a new baby?  Check out www.thepregnancyshow.com.

Knit Knacks
Come see my constantly growing collection of knits for adults and children--instructions are free! Also the owner of the Free Knitting Patterns Community!

Knitting At Knoon Designs - Knitting Patterns
Knitting at Knoon is a source for knitting patterns and free, on-line, tutorial knitting videos.

Yarn Over
Guide to lace knitting on the web. Free patterns for bookmarks, doilies and edgings. Tips for beginners in doily knitting.

Knit Happens
Knitting blog created to share kniting ideas, patterns and tips

Knitting patterns and jewelry.

Martian Mischief
A collection of knitting patterns and tips/picture tutorials. Patterns will be available in .pdf format.

afghans for Afghans
afghans for Afghans is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and garments to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan. A quick-knit to make for ...

the knitting fiend
web generated patterns for machine and hand knitting.

Free knitting patterns and stitch patterns. Try our knit-so-it-fits calculation method and make any size with any yarn.

Fuzzy Galore
Fuzzy Galore is a general fiber site with an emphasis on knitting. A variety of patterns are provided, but our particular areas of interest are mathematical patterns and large sizes.

Miss Bashful's Home Page
Simple knitting patterns.

Elaine's Knitting Page
Devoted to users of the Bond Sweater Machine, this page includes a guage conversion worksheet, projects I have completed and a scarf pattern.

White Lies Designs
Designer knitwear patterns specializing in ample sizes. Personalized technical support, kits, and patterns.

knitting patterns and booklets, links and more!

Privately owned and operated site by Mary Martin; a knitter for many years, who designed for Workbasket Magazine, Nomis Yarn Company,and Bernat Yarn Company. Mary has listed a variety of her favorite easy ...

Warm Wishes Knitting
A website and blog about Bond and handknitting, including patterns, charts and graphs, haiku.

Pens 'N Needles
Knitting and writing are my two passions. This site provides links to my favorite writing sites and my writing on the web. There are also links to my favorite knitting sites and my free patterns.

Canadian Knitwear Designers' Association
The Canadian Knitwear Designers' Association (CKDA) is a non-profit member-based organization providing a useful resource for those seeking professionals and colleagues in all areas of our Canadian knitting ...

Handpainted Yarns in Gorgeous Colors!
Joslyn's Fiber Farm is a yarn company specializing in handpainted yarns. We offer over 25 colorways that we handpaint on over 20 different types of yarn.

Keetza Knits
A work in progress. Items of interest for sale - magazines, books, etc. Free patterns. Links to interesting sites.{;}Primary interest is machine knitting but be surprised for what may pop up here unexpectedly! ...

Susan's Knitting Stuff
A collection of patterns for Barbie and her friends, as well as the schematics for a topdown raglan that can be worked to fit anyone, even Barbie.

Just One More Row!
Unique handknit patterns in real people sizes, handpainted and unusual yarns... knit something different with Just One More Row!

Ann's Machine Knitting Page
Introduction and a small collection of Machine Knitting patterns.

Gail's Place
Machine and Hand knitting, Recipes and family pictures..

Sue's CrochetandKnitting.com
Free Patterns, Free Offers, {;}Bulletin Board, Craft Links and much more.

Knitting, etc.
The Knitting, etc. page is devoted to machine knitting and other crafts. You will find photos and information. There is a free pattern for an eye glass/cell phone holder.


What is knitting? Knitting patterns are the road map to this bliss and the variety available is amazing. Free knitting patterns are all over the Internet. To the untrained eye, knitting patterns seem to be written in code but it's not a secret code. Patterns are typically characterized by a simple repetitive structure. It’s really that simple. There are knitting patterns are written for hand knitting and machine knitting.

Knitting Patterns

Patterns that are the most popular are usually the simplest and easiest to work with but satisfies an experienced knitter through the uniqueness of the yarns used. Ultimately, knitting can be a creative work of art. The simpler the project the quicker it is to complete. For example, knitting a scarf is generally easier than knitting sweaters, socks or ponchos and because of this, it is a good place to start for a beginner knitter.

Search out knitting resources! There are free lessons, free knitting instructions, links, books on knitting, expert knitting tips, and much more. You just have to find it. It’s only a click away on the Internet. You will definitely find a knitting site devoted to hand and machine knitting. Knitting patterns are easily available in magazines devoted to knitting, designer knitting books. So much variety to explore! It’s a great practical skill to have to make clothing or household items.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: When you are just beginning, knitting needles should be of medium size. Smaller needles may be awkward to learn using small and oversized needles are also awkward. Stay organized: Knitting needles should be organized by size so they are easily accessible for each project.

Knitting from old patterns can be especially fun as making vintage looks available to the modern knitter and it is also a great way to connect to the way women lived in other times. Knitting patterns like these are a lot of fun. Take a close look at some of the old pattern books and try actually knitting from one. Knitting in the olden days was usually done with a very fine yarn, similar to our qualities, and, several strands of this fine yarn were plied together to achieve different textures, hence the term ‘ply’, sometimes still used today and in most cases incorrectly. It is a great way to visit times gone by! For those of you who do not need a stroll down ‘memory lane’, new knitting patterns have arrived for the new generation of knitters and the patterns have updated to reflect the ‘new’ knitter.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free knitting patterns for fast, easy projects are available to you. It is easy to find a very easy baby booty pattern that even beginners, the newbie knitters, can understand. You can easily find free knitting patterns for scarves. You can get freebies such as ribbed scarf patterns, checks and eyelets scarf pattern, hooded scarf pattern, reversible scarf and many simple, free and easy knitting patterns. There are also free patterns, knitting hints and designs downloadable and specifically designed for machine knitting.

Look around and you will easily find free knitting patterns for making hot pads, dishcloths, kitchen towels and face cloths. In your search for free knitting patterns, you will also run across other free projects such as: free sewing craft projects, free crocheting patterns. The Internet will also offer free craft pattern links for many creative craft projects too, not just free knitting patterns. In addition to the free patterns, there are many knitting articles, knitting hints and knitting tips, links to other knitting and craft sites. You will also be able to enter discussion forums on knitting and chatrooms full of other knitters with similar interests to yours.

Knitting Patterns

There are many patterns available for easy afghans, fast and easy baby booties, great looking caps, baby blankets and so much more. Patterns can range from beginner to advanced level and knitting patterns are specifically written for thinking knitters, not blind followers. Remember that this is a serious craft for many avid knitters. Many patterns are designed with generic yarns and some are designed to show off the yarns appearance and texture. You will be able to find free knitting patterns for socks, hats, mittens, baby items and household items.

Pattern selection is a major decision as you become more interested in this craft. Patterns designated by Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginner patterns are simple and easy and the projects can be completed quickly. Intermediate patterns use a variety of stitches, such as cables and lace, intarsia, double-pointed needles and knitting in the round needle techniques, mid-level shaping and finishing. Advanced patterns can be challenging works of art with complex patterns and stitches.

There are all manner of [patterns available. There are baby clothes patterns include only panties and matching booties with socks. Then you will also have baby pattern sets that include bonnet, blouse, skirt, matching panties, socks, and booties. Knitting patterns are available through your local yarn store. Patterns can be easily resized by just changing yarn and needle size. Some patterns even have mark and lines to keep track of where you are in the pattern as you knit. You are limited to your imagination and creativity.

Baby Knitting Patterns

If someone you know and love is preparing for a new baby, you may be pouring through your pattern box in search of the perfect baby gift, maybe a baby hat knitting pattern? Baby hats are a great way to use left over yarns. These baby hat projects do not require as much yarn as a sweater or blanket. A little advice: baby skin is very sensitive so pay careful attention to the yarn you are using in your pattern. Baby clothing is so small and so precious and yet so fleeting. Baby knitting and especially crochet patterns are very popular. Knitting patterns for baby and children's clothes are probably the most popular today. This is probably because you can complete an outfit quickly and there are so many gorgeous patterns available.

No Time Like the Present!

Knitting is a great past time. It is therapeutic and also a great skill set to have. There is not excuse for not trying it. After all, free knitting patterns are all over the Internet. Knitting does not have be a big secret. You just have to do your research, find an easy to learn knitting pattern, get yourself a medium size set of knitting needles and off to the races you go! It is a time honoured craft and will give many hours of enjoyment. Those that receive your knitted gifts will appreciate it so much more knowing that it was created by your own hands. What a great gift! Get started today.