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Getting Back On the Horse: Dating After Divorce


Dating after divorce is something that causes mixed feelings for everyone. Some people find it really difficult to get back in into the world of dating while others don’t even wait till the ink has dried on the divorce papers before jumping back in there like a fat kid on a Smartie! Regardless though, dating after divorce is not always as easy as you hope it’ll be, especially if you’d been married for a long time and out of the dating game for even longer. Well, have no fear because these tips will help make your return to the world of dating a lot easier.

The invention of online dating has been a godsend for everyone looking for love and especially those who may be a little gun shy. Depending on how long you were married, you may not even really know anything about online dating at all which is why I’m going to walk you through it step by step.


  1. Choose a dating site. Most dating sites offer the opportunity for members to specify the type of dating they’re looking for whether casual or long term so the world is your oyster as far as dating site choices go! Feel free to sign of with as many as you like since the more people you open yourself up to the better your chances of finding someone. There are sites that are specific for those looking to date within their culture or religion or even other divorcees, so a quick visit to a dating web ring or even just search engine will help you find what you need.
  2. Create a profile. This is your first impression as far as potential dates go, so take the time to make it great! Be sure to upload a picture since it’s proven that profiles with pictures get the most replies. Also, be honest about yourself and what you’re looking for. Lying or exaggerating the truth about yourself will only backfire and put a damper on your search for someone. There’s no sense in saying that you’re 6 feet and slim if you’re actually barely 5 feet and plump because the second you meet, the jig will be up! Save yourself and others the time and embarrassment.
  3. Keep an open mind. This is soooo important! If you limit yourself to always dating the same kind of person then you could very well be turning away someone that could be incredible. We get into a pattern as to the kind of people we date and tend to stick to the pattern even though we keep ending up single! Just because you prefer blondes does not mean that the cute brunette that has been messaging you isn’t going to steal your heart in the end! Be open to trying new things as seeing what else is out there.
  4. Go on lots of dates and have fun! You’re in this for a second (or third...) shot at love, so make the most of it and go out and meet as many people as you can. We may have to kiss a lot of toads before finding our prince/princess but who says we can’t have fun doing all that kissing??
  5. Put your safety first. It can be hard to use common sense when you’re excited, anxious or dealing with raging hormones after years of an unfulfilling marriage, but do use common sense and caution when meeting someone new. Listen to your gut if it’s telling you that something seems off. And don’t give out personal or contact information to a stranger. Meet in a public place and continue to do so until you feel confident about that person.


Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to forget about any stress and sadness associated with your divorce and move on to another and hopefully better chapter in your life!