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Looking for Love Advice In All The Wrong Places


Doesn’t it seem that people are always offering advice even when we don’t ask for it? Everyone from mothers to colleagues are quick to offer money advice, health advice and even love advice whether you want it or not, but then when you do really need a little guidance they all seem to clam up or even worse; give you bad advice! What’s a person to do??

Well, for starters, I’d say it’s time to start looking to the internet for advice and avoid the possibility of getting biased advice from those who know you a little too well to be objective when it comes to your love life! I know, I know; the internet seems a tad impersonal, right? The thing is though that when it comes to love advice you want to turn where you will be given love advice that is free of bias or judgment and let’s face it; your loved ones will forever think that no one is good enough for you! As endearing as it is, it does make it hard to get advice on a sticky situation or dilemma and possibly even a tad embarrassing depending on what exactly it is that you need help with!

As I said, the internet is THE place to go for love advice these days because it’s quick, it’s always there and you can get your hands on advice on all kinds of dilemmas from trained professionals to everyday people like you who have been there, done it and lived through it—by ‘it’ I mean all the same love and relationship woes that you’re dealing with. The fact that getting advice online also allows you remain anonymous is even better because you don’t have to worry about being mortified that someone knows you and your private business. Also, because you have access to so much advice, you’re guaranteed to get the help you need with just about anything that you could possibly be struggling with in your love life; new love, dating help, sex…anything at all!

You’re probably wondering where all of this great advice has been hiding all of the times that you’ve surfed the net. Well, it’s not so much that it’s been hiding as it is that you’ve probably just not known how to find it. The best options are web rings dedicated to dating and relationships because you can access hundreds of sites dedicated to love and love advice. Dating directories are also a good bet as are forums on dating sites because this is where you get to be in touch with hundreds of other real people who can offer tips and opinions. If you think that you need to turn to the big guns—love gurus and counselors—that’s there too! A quick search of ‘relationship counseling’ or  ‘dating experts’ will lead you to several options as far as professionals go.

See, you don’t need to pull your hair out over relationship trouble and you don’t need to sit and wonder and suffer alone! Great love advice is all around if you know where to click!