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Dating Tips for Daters of All Ages


It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen in the throes of fresh young love or a senior who is back in the dating game after a divorce or being widowed; the ultimate goal should be the same and that is to have fun and enjoy the time with the other person. It sounds so easy yet people are always having dating trouble and dealing with loads of confusion and turmoil! With a little insight by way of some great dating tips, you can find your happy place in the world of dating.

The first tip is to be open minded. I know it sounds kinda’ broad, but by keeping yourself open to new possibilities and to meeting all different kinds of people will also help to lead you to someone great. It’s easy to get caught up in dating just one type of person especially if that’s all you’ve known, but it certainly isn’t a good thing. Your ‘type’ may be the brooding artist type but while limiting yourself to that; the most amazing person who you could have great chemistry and a lot in common with could very well be wrapped in the packaging of a happy-go-lucky corporate type! You could be bypassing some incredible people all in search of a type that may not even have worked for you in the first place!

The next tip; don’t rule out the less conventional ways to meet people. You may be a student of the old school or maybe just be a romantic at heart, but hoping that the love of your life will turn the next corner and bump into you may leave you waiting, alone, for years and years. Online dating and personals may not seem very romantic but like everything else in life; it’s what you make it! Online dating has become hugely popular because it actually works and has been shown to have a success rate of over ninety percent! It’s easy to use because the sites are made to be a breeze to navigate through and the fact that you can access them anytime of the day or night means that you can actively pursue dating no matter and how busy you are. Then there is the sheer pleasure of being able to interact with people openly and without hang ups because you have the comfort of anonymity that hiding behind your computer monitor provides! You can say as you wish, let down your guard and really get to know someone BEFORE you bother committing to a dinner or other live date!

And out of all the dating tips that you will be given over your lifetime, none will ever be as important as this one which is to always treat others the way you like and expect to be treated yourself. We’ve heard that all our lives at home, in school and in church, but we easily forget it. If you want to be treated with respect and kindness, then you’ll need to put it out there first. No one likes to date a ‘mister cranky pants’! Be nice to others and don’t settle for anything less yourself.