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Tom Leykis 101 – Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck: A Guide To Getting Laid 

Generally speaking, men love Tom Leykis.  After all, he is the host of a rare radio show, the Tom Leykis Show, where relationship topics are geared towards a male perspective.  Unabashed and confrontational, Tom Leykis is a proud proponent of male rights in a world he believes that is becoming more and more influenced by feminism and political correctness.  He boldly proclaims his maleness and all the inherent characteristics associated with it.

It is easy to understand why he has a huge following, not only among men (although they are the main target demographic) but also among young women, despite the continual misogynistic nattering that flutters in and out of Tom Leykiss’ mouth.  Simply, Tom Leykis appeals to the male innate core and need to have sex with as many women as possible.  It is what males do in the wild – the great majority of male animals are polygamous in nature and there is a biological rule dealing with sexual selection and parental investment governing this that has led to differences in gender over the span of evolution. 

It goes back to the gametes – Males have sperm; Females have eggs.  Sperm are small; egg is big.  Males have many unlimited sperm that can be launched at anytime; Females have limited eggs that are released on a strict cycle.  Males will compete more vigorously with other males for a Female; while Females won’t compete as hard for a given male.  After fertilization, the female invests much of her energy into pregnancy and later lactation; males do not need to invest any energy and are free to go after other females.  OK, that may be an oversimplification of a complex biological theory, but you get the jist of my point.  With that biological history behind us, it is easy to understand why men behave like ‘dogs’ – it is programmed into them, and Tom Leykis wants men to tap into this program more effectively!  

So the birth of Leykis 101 began in his nationally syndicated “Tom Leykis Show”.  The premise of Leykis 101 are lectures given by “Professor Tom” which instruct guys how to get laid with the minimal effort through a wide range of advice, tips, and suggestions.  

Here are some choice Tom Leykis 101 tenets over the years:

Nice Guys Finish Last - It’s true.  While you can be in supreme control and not be a jerk-slash-asshole, it is very rare.  But that’s OK, focus on your objective to sleep with that girl.  You have noticed that attractive girls are always complaining about jerks-slash-assholes that they’re with or were with.  Be that jerk-slash-asshole! 

 Don’t Date Single Mothers!!! - It’s a trap!  Single Mothers carry a lot of baggage and you don’t want to be stuck with any of it – it’s can be a burden both on your energy level and your wallet.  You will never be as important as their child so why be around any of that?  As Tom Leykis puts it, “Why support another man’s mistake?”

 Do Not Date Co-workers! - Besides the whole issue of a potential breakup making your workplace as comforting as a sexually-transmitted disease, you could also be made a target for sexual harassment allegations – the justice system are very unreceptive to males.  Avoid any problems by not complimenting any women or talking about anything except work with your female colleagues. 

Avoid Packs of Girls - Trying to go after a girl when she has a pack of friends is damn near impossible.  The strength of the wolf is the pack after all, and you will be lucky to get that girl alone, much less bring her home with you.  Avoid any hassle by paying girls in packs no mind. 

Don’t Spend More Than $40 On A Date - Dates are expensive.  Why waste money on food and dinner when it could be spent on her getting her liquored up!  She should be the one paying in the first place.

Three Date Limit - Girls will know whether they will sleep with you or not after 3 dates.  If you haven’t gotten any after the third date, you likely aren’t going to get any at all.  Save your money and invest your energy in another venture.

No Gift Rule - Buying a gift for a girl sends her signal right away: What else can I get from him?  Never buy a gift for a girl unless she’s your wife.  Same goes with compliments – compliments have a way of empowering a female, meaning that they will less likely have sex with you if they can go for someone better. 

No Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch Dates - Unless you’re not after sex, don’t do the aforementioned style dates – it will be like meeting a friend for chit-chat.  You want a situation that has a bit of intrigue and mystery-factor to it, and alcohol and bars will usually provide that for you.  Plus the dim lighting will probably do wonders for your (and hers) appeal. 

Drinks of Choice - Following on, that intrigue and mystery factor (read: increased probability of sex) will be stimulated by alcohol, that great date catalyst.  But you want to be sure that she is quickly liberated from her safe-and-secure mindset.  Skip beer and coolers and order her harder stuff like Tequila Sunrises, Long Island Ice Tea, and Singapore Slings.  They taste nice plus they will pack more of a punch which will “help” in the decision-making process!

Your Pad is Off-Limits - Don’t bring a female back to your place for sex.  She will no where you live, which will mean there is a potential for revenge should you want to see other girls (which you will).  You have seen Fatal Attraction haven’t you?  Always go back to their place, and when the deed is done, LEAVE.  No cuddling, no chatting – Go!  That will be the most honest thing you can do for them. 

Safe Sex Always!  - You don’t want to contract a sexually-transmitted disease or worse, have children!  You don’t want any attachments, least of all, these big attachment.  They will strain you down.  Dispose of the condom since there are crazy broads out there who will try impregnating themselves with your used sperm.  If you can’t flush the condom, kill of the sperm.  Tabasco sauce will do the trick! 

Make Yourself a Forbidden Fruit - Premise: People always want something they can’t have, and that applies more to females than males.  Don’t wait around for any calls or the like – you want to appear as busy as possible – your time is extremely valuable – and give the illusion that you are seeing many girls.  Make her feel that she is easily replaceable - the more competition a female thinks she has; the more likely she will sleep with you when you become more intimate.