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Somewhere on the world right now, a person is waking up feeling a bit groggy.  Perhaps they're getting ready to go to work or maybe even to school.  Regardless of their situation, this person isn't feeling that great.  They just need one thing to put them in the proper frame of mind to have a good day.  That thing: coffee.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world.  Its popularity is evident by the fact that it is among the three largest traded commodities in the world.  Originally just a simple drink, coffee has spawned numerous other coffee-based beverages from espresso to cappuccino.  Trips to the grocery store will inevitably lead into fumbling around the different blends of gourmet coffee and flavored coffee that is available.  Coffee beans are a popular product for coffee lovers that prefer to make their own coffee rather than buy it from coffee chains like Starbucks.

Java and mocha have become a part of the English lexicon.  As have the terms grande and venti and short to describe different sizes of coffee.  Jim Jarmusch made a critically acclaimed movie called Coffee and Cigarettes, in which every scene was based around characters drinking coffee or a coffee-related drink like tea.  Coffee has become ubiquitous in our world and has become the domain for activists, who protest the conditions of coffee planters and promote fair trade coffee.  It has become a major seller for large corporations that sell countless varieties of specialty coffee and flavored coffee.  Additionally, coffee has created a mini rivalry between true coffee lovers and posers.  The true coffee lover prefers the smooth blend of an Ethopian Harar blend above anything else.  Of course, individuals that drink instant coffee are instantly shunned from the coffee loving community.

So, now that we have determined that coffee creates a lot of passion among its drinkers, we have to look at exactly what is the appeal of coffee?  Perhaps it's in the lovely, strong smell of a fresh cup of coffee that tickles your sense of smell, which creates a sense of anticipation in your taste buds.  It can also be the taste, the sudden jolt that you get when you sip a nice, strongly brewed cup of coffee.  It can also be in the flavor and considering how many types of flavored coffee is available, it is now possible to have a specific type of flavored coffee blend for every one of your moods.  It can also just be the social factor, as there are very few things as relaxing with friends having a cup of coffee and just talking nonsense.

Regardless of why you enjoy coffee, we have all of the information about your favorite drink on this site.  From examining the long history of coffee to discussing the benefits of organic coffee to providing you with recipes for your favorite specialty coffee beverage, you'll learn all the information that you've always wanted to know about this lovely drink.  So, brew up some coffee whether it's an espresso or ground roast coffee and sit back and read.  You're going to love it!  The coffee that is.