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Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

Mike Koehlar was looking for the gift that kept on giving.  His friend, Scott Hickey was about to get married and he was looking for a coffee maker that would satisfy Scott's massive coffee love.  One trip to the store and Mike couldn't believe his eyes.  While coffee makers like the French Press or the automatic drip may be alright for some people, Mike noticed la crème de la crop of coffee makers: automatic espresso coffee makers.  Highly respected international names like Saeco, Bodum, Gaggia, Pasquini, La Pavoni, Krups, Rancilio, Jura, and Solis had some of the finest coffeemakers that one could possibly see.  Encouraged by what he saw, Mike not only bought an automatic espresso coffee maker for Scott but one for himself.  That's how appealing an automatic espresso coffee maker is.

An automatic espresso coffee machine is both a sign of prestige and a testament to your love of coffee.  While more expensive than a stovetop espresso coffee maker, automatic espresso coffee makers represent one of the easiest ways to brew a delicious cup of coffee.  An improvement over traditional espresso machines that require manual actions, an automatic espresso machine are designed to be convenient, easy to maintain, and quick to brew coffee.  Additionally, these espresso machines can create a variety of drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, and a latte.  However, automatic espresso coffee makers can vary depending on its degree of automation.  This type of coffee maker can be further divided between: semi-automatic espresso machines, fully-automatic espresso machines, and super automatic espresso machines.

Semi-automatic espresso machines

Semi-automatic espresso machines refer to one of the most popular home espresso machines available.  A result of the Achilles Gaggia patent in 1938 that mated an electric pump system to the espresso machine, semi-automatic machines are revered for brewing an excellent cup of coffee.  While manual espresso machines had been available prior to the release of the semi-automatic espresso machine, they were a liability as the owner had to create the pressure needed to force the water through the coffee by pulling a manual lever.  As you could expect, although the manual espresso machine was a great invention, it also led to brewing many, many bad cups of coffee.

However, with the semi-automatic espresso machine, owners were able to brew a more consistently good cup of coffee.  With this type of coffee maker, an electric pump had replaced the manual lever as the creator of pressure used in an espresso machine. The inclusion of an electric pump made the espresso machine much easier to be used and provided a more consistent pressure that resulted in a better tasting drink.  This novel invention allowed the public to create a high quality cup of espresso from their very own home and its influence can be seen in the new espresso machines that are available today.

The semiautomatic espresso machine contains a portafilter handle is filled with coffee grinds.  Additionally, the coffee maker contains either large reservoirs or direct feed lines for water, which allows it to brew more cups of coffee.  To use a semi automatic espresso machine, the user has to turn the machine on.  The electric pump will pump water through to the coffee grinds and will continue until the user turns the machine off.  The fact that the user is able to control the extraction process allows them to control the amount of water and duration of brewing.

Fully Automatic espresso machines

The fully-automatic espresso machine represented the next wave of espresso machines.  Similar to the semi automatic espresso machine in that it contained an electric pump that was designed to provide the proper pressure required to force through the coffee grounds and brew an excellent beverage, the fully automatic espresso machine added one extra feature to the espresso machine.

This was an electronic control system that required one simple touch to automatically brew a beverage.  While semi-automatic espresso machines required that the user turn the espresso machine on and off by pulling the electric pump, the fully automatic espresso machine is preprogrammed to deliver measured amounts of water through the espresso with one touch of a button.  While some coffee purists prefer the versatility in brewing that a semi automatic espresso machine gives them, others will love the fact that the fully automatic espresso machine will consistently and efficiently produce a great tasting drink.

Super-automatic espresso machines


For the coffee lover that wants the most convenience from their espresso machine, their best option now resides in the super-automatic espresso machine.  Super automatics represent the next wave of espresso machines and are loved for their speed, convenience, and easy maintenance.  The super automatic espresso machine combines the fully automatic espresso machine with a built-in grinder.  Additionally, super-automatic espresso coffee makers come with a number of special features that are designed to give its user the option to brew a number of specialty coffee drinks such as an espresso, a cappuccino, and a latte.  Coffee lovers throughout the world love the ease and diversity of a super automatic espresso maker and these machines enjoy massive sales in Europe.

The super automatic espresso machine removes the tedious step of cleaning an espresso machine and grinding coffee beans.  All one has to do when using a super-automatic espresso coffee maker is to place whole coffee beans into its grinder, water into its reservoir, and cups to receive the finished coffee beverage.  Now all that you have to do is to turn the machine and voila, you can now enjoy a great tasting coffee drink.  The used coffee grinds are placed into an internal bin for later disposal which means no more having to deal with hot filter holders or cleaning sieves.

Although the super-automatic espresso coffee maker can be used to make a number of specialty drinks, they have become incredibly popular for its ability to brew café crema.  This popular drink is an excellent replacement for drip coffee and takes advantage of the superior pressure provided by the super automatic espresso machine in the brewing process.  The café crema is diluted to give the intensity of a regular coffee, but the drink is much more flavorful and robust than drip coffee.  It is also free of the bitterness that coffee drinkers have come to expect from their drip coffee, which is why the super-automatic espresso maker has gained in popularity in America.

Additionally, newer super-automatic espresso machines are loaded with features.  Espresso machine manufacturers like Bodum, Gaggia, Jura, Krups, La Pavoni, Pasquini, Rancilio, Saeco, and Solis are competing with each other to create the most convenient and versatile super automatic espresso maker with coffee lovers being the main beneficiaries of this competition.  Some super-automatic espresso machines contain features that allows for automatic cleaning and descaling.   Water filters that eliminate the taste of chlorine and reduce limescale and mineral deposits are other popular features included in many super automatic espresso coffee makers.  Other features found on some super automatic espresso machines include: an adjustable coffee spout and manual control for adjusting water volume in a cup.