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Chocolate Based Flavors

Toni was having a bad day.  She had just handed in an essay that she thought was on time but was actually a week late.  She had been late for an exam and didn't answer the last section because of that.  She had become so stressed that she had a fight with her boyfriend and was basically overwhelmed with stress.  However, subscribing to the truth behind the old Danish proverb of, ' stop and smell the roses,' Toni decided that she just needed to relax.  Stopping at her favorite cafe, Toni decided that in urgent times she needed an urgent drink - she needed a nice cup of Chocolate creme brulee flavored coffee.

For centuries, coffee lovers have attempted to find ways to incorporate chocolate into their cups of coffee.  Chocolate is a common addition to coffee drinks but the innovation of flavored coffee over the last twenty years has led to a renaissance of chocolate flavored coffee drinks.  Flavored coffee refers to the addition of chemical solvents to gourmet coffee beans during the roasting process.  The chemical solvents are meant to mimic natural flavorings like chocolate and they are added during the roasting process, as this is the time where coffee beans are most adept at fusing the flavor of the natural coffee bean with the flavor of the chemical solvents.

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't think of anything that wouldn't taste better with a little bit of chocolate?  Well you should revisit those times by having a nice cup of chocolate flavored coffee.  For people that have a sweet tooth or for coffee lovers that just need the rush that chocolate can give them, coffee flavored coffee beans are the second most popular type of flavored coffee available.  The reason for this is quiet simple - it contains chocolate.  While chocolate may be taboo for some people due to its sweetness, for people that love the finer things in life - you can never go wrong with chocolate based flavored coffee.

Fusing the rugged and natural taste of premier gourmet coffee beans with the best chemical flavorings that mirror your favoring chocolate products, you should check out these popular chocolate-based flavored coffee drinks:

  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut: An interesting cup of coffee that contains a nice coffee bean aroma.  Described as slightly sweet with a hint of nuttiness, many coffee lovers are conflicted about this drink.  Some feel that the chocolate flavorings overwhelm the natural taste of the coffee beans with some individuals even going so far as to say that it resembles a robusta coffee bean.  However, for coffee drinkers that prefer a low-key flavored coffee, this is a great drink for you.
  • Chocolate Creme Brulee: For the coffee drinker with the sweet tooth, this drink is absolutely for you.  Featuring a deliciously sweet chocolate aroma within the whole gourmet coffee bean, a cup of chocolate creme brulee contains a delicious mixture of flavor similar to milk chocolate and sweet vanilla.  Described as the coffee drink that is the perfect substitute to dessert, a nice cup of chocolate creme brulee is the perfect drink to enjoy a sweet day.
  • Chocolate Mint: This chocolate flavored coffee drink is pretty polarizing and your opinion of it will depend on your opinion of chocolate mint.  By all accounts a very aggressive flavored coffee drink, the chocolate mint flavored coffee bean contains an assertive chocolate aroma that some feel is overpowered by the mint flavor within the whole bean.  While some prefer the mint-chocolate aroma to the actual taste, for coffee drinkers that love chocolate mint, this may be the ideal drink for you!