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Blind Date

One of the most popular syndicated reality TV shows of all time, Blind Date has always been a cut above the rest of dating reality TV shows.  With an extremely simple premise, Blind Date has managed to maintain its years of success due to its cleverness and sassiness.

Unlike other dating reality TV shows like The Bachelor or For Love or Money, Blind Date does not follow contestants over the course of several episodes.  Rather every half hour episode of Blind Date features two dates and an evaluation of the date by each contestant after the date.  Similar to other dating shows like The Dating Game, Blind Date has managed to add a modern touch to a proven formula.

Hosted by the irrepressible Roger Lodge, Blind Date is entertainment of the highest order.  Far more entertaining than movies or the news, Blind Date hooks up two singles from the same town on a date that takes place throughout the entire day.  The show’s panel of experts attempts to make these dates based on compatibility and often the dates on Blind Date turn out well.  More often than not, the dates on Blind Date end with dates not clicking.  On one particularly memorable episode, the two contestants on the blind date end their night at a nightclub hooking up with two different people.

Blind Date would be a success by cleverly editing a date in a way that is entertaining.  However, there is an extra touch that makes Blind Date the perfect dating show for this time.  Taking its cue from the popular music show Pop up Video, in which bubbles pop up with some obscure and funny fact, Blind Date throws little pop-ups that are often sarcastic and always funny.  On top of this, the producers of Blind Date aren’t afraid of adding a little bit of effects on their dates making the show a sarcastic but not cruel dating show to love.

Unlike other dating shows like 5th Wheel or Elimidate, Blind Date is a show that is funny without being particularly cruel to its contestants.  Although there is some flashy editing and sarcastic effects placed in the production of the show, Blind Date doesn’t seem as coldhearted as those other shows.  With the 5th Wheel, in which five people go on a date and one ends up all alone, these shows don’t seem as funny and just awful to the people involved.

Additionally, Blind Date features people that seem normal.  Featuring contestants of all ages, Blind Date offers colorful characters that are reminiscent of people that we all know.  Also, Blind Date has toured throughout the entire country and even Canada so it is always interesting to see people in the city that you live in try to find love on this show.

While their dates from hell specials are always fantastic, Blind Date is also quick to show the other side of the coin.  Often episodes end up with fantastic matches and Blind Date likes to take a look at strong relationships that had its origins on this show.  As a result, Blind Date is an excellent ode to true love and an even better mocker of it.