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OK Boys and Girls - Here’s a chance for you to be in the spotlight.  To say what you want to say about the NBA in front of an audience of NBA fans.   

Do you have a beef, observation, comment, inquiry, analysis, or an opinion about anything related to the National Basketball Association (NBA)?  Has this thought been brewing deep within you, incubating and festering as the season progresses?  Well now there is an outlet if you’re willing to unleash that beast!

Here at RingSurf NBA, we want to know what you have to say!  In addition to our (soon-to-be developed) forum, where we expect a lot of interaction between dedicated hoopheads, we will be featuring selected opinion pieces selected from our many submissions from fans ranting on about whatever they have on their mind.  This will be our ’FAN RANT’ article, which will showcase that particular fan’s perspective.  Whether you’re upset with the current selfish, ’me-first’ attitude of contemporary NBA stars, or miffed about the current state of your favorite team (lots of submissions for Hawks, Wizards, Raptors, Bulls, Sonics, and Clippers fan).  From analysis of the whole Kobe and Shaq ordeal; your thoughts on whatever player, coach, owner, mascot, venue, bobblehead; why your team always induces palpitating heart pains every year; why your team will be a source of great joy this year; your predictions and reasons; ANYTHING!!!

Interested fans can submit your works to the contact information on our RingSurf NBA site.  We ask that your rant be at least one page long, and written in some sort of coherent manner.  We understand this may be difficult for Knicks Fans (joke, joke, just a joke!).  That’s it!  Of course, we will select only the rants from fans that know a little bit of what they are talking about.  To gather a little bit more information on the ranting fan, so our readers know where you’re coming from, we ask that you also submit the following information:

Name, Age, Location, Occupation, Favorite Team, Favorite Former Player, Favorite Current Player, Most Hated Team, Most Hated Player, Prediction for Eastern Champs, Prediction for Western Champs, and Prediction for NBA Champs

So, here is your chance to let your passionate thoughts shine in the limelight – that is, if you’re up to the task!