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The 2004-2005 NBA season is almost upon us – I can almost smell it!

With the advent of the upcoming season, we here at RingSurf NBA would like to welcome you to this new site dedicated to dedicated hoops-fans.  We realize that there are many sites devoted to covering the NBA, but don’t you find that the circulating top stories in the league are repetitive and redundant.  We hope to alleviate this problem by providing a fresh look at some of the most captivating stories that develop over the course of a season.  We are equipped with a variety of knowledgeable NBA insider sources that supply us with insights on the most current NBA news, as well as providing with wise perspectives drawn from the NBA’s history.

The product is our original and insightful, ’Featured Articles’.   

With every signing, every trade, every injury, every significant action in the NBA, we will be there for coverage and analysis.  Featured articles will be regularly posted, serving as an alternative source of NBA news to supplement your regular dosage from other NBA sources.   So we’re excited, and we hope that you will be too!      

So check, check, check it out!