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If football is the world’s number one sport (and that’s not going to change for a long time) then basketball is rapidly gaining ground.  The ranks of hoopsters around the world are growing due to the game’s accessibility; all you need is a ball and a net.

Of course there are many other reasons why basketball is taking the world by storm.

  1. Basketball is a Non-Violent Game.

Basketball is one of the world few non-violent team sports.  Let’s look at the facts: There is not one single condoned violent action in all of basketball.  If you hit a player you get called for a foul, plain and simple.  This is very rare for a sport, even baseball (a non contact sport) you are still allowed to crash into the catcher if he is blocking the plate.  That’s not to say people don’t get hurt…’cause basketball does hurt, but the game’s intensity level can be adjusted to suit the ability of the players.

  1. Basketball is Co-Ed.

There aren’t too many sports in the world that men and women can play together and still have a competitive game.  Just imagine how ugly co-ed hockey would be.  Nobody wants to see a man punch the crap out of a woman right.

  1. Basketball is Cheap and People are Poor.

The vast majority of the world’s population is poor.  This is a major reason why football is so popular. With football all you need is a ball and you have a game.  Basketball is a close second in terms of equipment; you need a ball and a net.  Hell, you don’t even always need a net; just find an old box or something.

  1. One-Man Game

Basketball is also one of the few sports that you can practice and play on your own.  Because there is no goalie/pitcher your challenge is simply to get the ball in a hoop…that can be practiced at any time with any amount of people.

  1. American Hegemony is No Longer

For years Americans were the dominant force in basketball.  There is still no disputing that America produces the top players in the world, but the world is catching up.  The obvious example is the U.S. loss in the Athens Olympics. The world now knows it can compete in the sports and this has undoubtedly given hope to millions of boys and girls who want to be the best basketball players in the world.