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Natural Breast Lift

Dora Adriana was sitting outside the plastic surgeon’s office obviously distraught. The fourty-three year old mother of four had a tough four years. A woman that took great pride in her looks before family obligations and trying to prop up a marriage that was failing eventually took up all of the time that she would’ve spent on exercising and having a healthy diet, Dora Adriana was at a crossroads at her life. After finally separating from her husband after years of feeling trapped in a loveless marriage, Dora Adriana had worked extraordinarily hard to shed off those extra pounds that she had put on. Fully understanding that her newfound freedom meant that she had to fend for herself on the dating scene and for advancing her career, Dora Adriana also realized a stark reality: people that looked great and youthful had a significantly higher chance of having success in their personal and professional lives then people that looked older. While her peers that were in a similar situation often found that the best way to enhance their looks to their advantage was through plastic surgery, Dora Adriana was always afraid of the Dangers of Plastic Surgery. Keenly aware of the potential of bad plastic surgery that were displayed on the plastic surgery photos that she often saw on the Internet and knowing many people that had undergone awful plastic surgery, Dora Adriana was adamant about not being yet another person that fell victim to plastic surgeon gone wrong. So why exactly is Dora Adriana sitting outside of a plastic surgeon’s office? That’s because Dora Adriana eventually realized something that she couldn’t expect. A tireless worker, Dora Adriana was able to shed those extra pounds through smart lifestyle choices and a strong commitment to exercise. However, while she may have shed those pounds from her stomach, it was a different story in her upper body area. That’s because the skin in her breasts had stretched due to pregnancy, breast feeding, and from weight loss. Feeling self-conscious about her sagging breasts, Dora Adriana realized that there was little that she could do about her current condition. After talking to some friends and reading about celebrity plastic surgery that involved many prominent celebrities undergoing plastic surgery to enhance the way that she looked, she found herself sitting outside a plastic surgeon’s office unsure of whether she was doing the right thing. After discussing with the cosmetic surgeon about what her options were, Dora Adriana was feeling dazed. As she left the plush office and walked out onto the street, Dora Adriana had nothing but
natural breast lift on her mind.  After all, while she was a bit saddened and self-conscious about her sagging breasts, learning the details of breast lift surgery had completely freaked her out. A person that was already afraid of surgery, Dora Adriana couldn’t see herself undergoing breast lift surgery. Learning about the different surgical methods and the reality of permanent scarring had left her stomach unsettled. Breast lift surgery is among the most popular plastic surgery treatments for women and there are a number of different techniques including: mastoplexy breast lift, laser breast lift and endoscopic breast lift. In all of these methods, the plastic surgeon will excise excess skin in the breast area and excess breast tissue. From there, the plastic surgeon will tighten up the remaining skin and breast tissue to produce a more notable lift in the patient’s breast. In some methods of breast lifts, the plastic surgeon will have to move the patient’s nipple to a higher position to create a more natural look. Dora Adriana had sat there and listened to the plastic surgeon describe in detail her plastic surgery breast lift options and understood that it just wasn’t for her. Saddened by the knowledge that she couldn’t do a whole lot about her sagging breasts, Dora Adriana decided to take a long walk home. It was while walking down King Street that she noticed a store that she had never noticed before. Inside that store’s window was a prominently visible herbal cream product that promised to have the same effects of breast lift surgery without actually having to go through surgery. Feeling like this was a magical calling from somebody upstairs, Dora Adriana quickly ran into the store and soon received a crash course on natural breast lift products. In a world where an increasingly large number of people are going to the plastic surgeon and putting themselves under the knife to obtain the types of bodies that they’ve always wanted, Dora Adriana was discovering a world of natural beauty products that promised to create the same type of changes in a person’s body that plastic surgery did. Popular natural breast lift products include herbal pills and creams. They often promise to work by causing a natural bodily reaction that will cause skin to contract. Through this process, the excess stretched out breast skin will then reduce, causing the patient’s remaining breast skin to become tighter and eventually lift. Amazed by the sheer number of natural breast lift products, Dora Adriana was overjoyed. Reading the backs of herbal pills and cream products, Dora Adriana was getting more and more excited. However, Dora Adriana was a smart woman and as she read more about these natural breast lift products, she became dismayed. Fully understanding that there are a number of shady products out there that are unable to complete the actions that they prominently promise, Dora Adriana was hoping that she would find a couple of notable exceptions. However, the best that she could find were a couple of natural breast lift products that could at best cause sagging breasts to lift temporarily. That is because, the human body does not have the ability to contract skin to a point large enough when it has sufficient lift. Typically speaking, while natural breast lift products can work, they do not produce the same effect that a person considering breast lift surgery wants. For the most part, breast lift surgery patients want at least an inch of elevation when it comes to breast lift treatment. For that reason, Dora Adriana decided to forego the whole issue and enjoy the rest of her life.