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Radio Frequency Facelift

What a world we live in! Over the last decade, there have been so many technological advances that if somebody from 1992 were to travel through time and arrive in today’s society, they would be all like, “Whaaaa?” The advent of the Internet and the reduced prices of communication tools like personal computers and a Blackberry means that it’s easier than ever to always keep in touch with friends, family, and business associates. In addition to all of these technological changes, has been a drastic change among people’s attitudes. Although each new generation will alter the norms of their society in their own unique way, doesn’t it seem like so many things have changed. Our stars are getting younger than ever and it seems like everybody has a shot of doing great things, if they have the right assets, that is. On top of this, there seems to be a relaxation on how people were expected to live their lives through their age. As the rapper, Jay-Z so eloquently exclaimed, “30 is the new 20,” which means that as we get older, there is more openness to people living fulfilling, somewhat youthful lives. While the increased opportunity is a great thing, there have also been shifting expectations on what people should be able to offer. We live in a competitive society and one where, ironically, it seems that communication between others is getting shorter. Any person can tell you that there seems to be more pressure to be smarter than past generations and more hardworking. On top of it, there is one demand that is placed on us – to look as great as we can. With the advent of plastic surgery related shows like Extreme Makeover and I Want a Famous Face, it’s official that plastic surgery has gone mainstream. With celebrity plastic surgery seemingly at an all time high, many people are turning to plastic surgery to find the right way to enhance their appearances. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported in 2005 that nearly 11.5 million plastic surgery treatments were performed in that year. While the figure is remarkable, it is really astounding when you realize this figure represents a 444% jump from 1997, the year that ASAPS started their report. Although many people question the reasons why people need cosmetic surgery, there really are a number of facts that show that enhancing your appearance has its benefits. It’s common knowledge that people who tend to be extremely attractive have more chances to advance in their career lives. While it sounds slimy, reports have indicated that attractive people tend to get paid more than non-attractive people. Although these higher paid beautiful people can probably attribute their high income to other factors besides their looks, there’s something about the magnetism of an attractive person that keeps these doors open. After all, as Seinfeld once pondered, ‘you don’t really see any hot homeless,’ and it’s true – if you look good, you’ll get an opportunity for a good job. Additionally, looking attractive really doesn’t hurt your chances on having a fulfilling personal life. Remember whenever you talk to your friends about crushes that they insist is “out of your league?” Well, when you’re attractive, you don’t have to worry about that, because you are officially in the major leagues. With all of these benefits, it seems silly that everybody hasn’t rushed out and gotten Plastic Surgery to enhance the way that they look. The reason behind many people’s suspicions of plastic surgery is that it is still an extensive and potentially life changing treatment to go through. Nobody wants to end up a bad plastic surgery story and all you have to do is look at plastic surgery before and after photos that display awful plastic surgery to not want to take the risk of plastic surgery. Still, there has to be some ways to enhance the way you look that doesn’t involve the invasive surgical techniques used in popular plastic surgery treatments. Indeed, there is typically a new non-surgical cosmetic treatment that function as a less effective but more safe alternative to a plastic surgery treatment. In the case of the popular cosmetic surgery technique, facelift surgery, it is possible to undergo what is known as a radio frequency facelift. A radio frequency facelift is an exciting new technique that will help eliminate the wrinkles and loose skin that develop on our faces as we get older without the invasive surgical techniques that are used in traditional facelift surgery. Developed by the company Thermage, a radio frequency facelift utilizes the power of radio frequency radiation to smooth out the patient’s face. The radio frequency facelift is also known by its official name, the Thermacool face lift. When you undergo a radio frequency facelift, you will have a radio emitter places against your skin. The radio emitter will emit radio frequency radiation that will pass through the upper layers of skin and directly affect the patient’ underlying muscle and tissue layer. As the radio emitter continues to heat up, the radio frequency radiation will cause the patient’s tissue to contract and into the upper layers of the patient’s facial skin. Due to the extreme heat that is involved in a radio frequency facelift, the cosmetic surgeon will also use a cooling spray during the treatment. A radio frequency facelift results in the patient’s facial ski feeling tighter and a reduction in the number of wrinkles. The patient will have a smoother, more youthful looking face, which is always nice. The biggest advantage of the radio frequency facelift is that it doesn’t require the invasive incisions that plastic surgeons have to make when performing any other type of facelift surgery. Although a qualified cosmetic surgeon will work their hardest to make them subtle, unfortunately these incisions result in permanent scars. In addition to this advantage is the fact that radio frequency face lift patients are able to recover faster than facelift surgery patients. Typically, a radio frequency facelift takes an hour to perform. There are usually a few brief side effects like swelling and irritation that results from a radio frequency facelift. However, a topical anesthetic cream is the solution to these problems. While the recovery time for a radio frequency facelift is relatively short, it is important to note that the deep tissue layers under your facial skin will take a few months to fully heal, so you will have to wait some time for the full effects of the radio frequency facelift to reveal itself. When it does, though, you’ll be amazed by how much you look. There is one side effect though – you will lose a lot of free time because you’re so busy admiring how beautiful you look in a mirror!