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Mini Brow Lift

What a strange relationship we all have with our faces. Our faces are like mirrors in the way that they reflect the way we feel and project it for others to see. When we are younger, our faces glow and with a dazzling smile, it is the key to winning over people including future loved ones. However, something unfortunate happens as we grow older, our faces turn from being a trusted friend to an enemy. The presence of frown lines, wrinkles, drooping eye brows, and heavy eyelids turn our faces from being a picture of youth to a picture of aging. This change can be difficult for some people to accept. Additionally, we live in a world that values youth highly and many people refuse to accept aging as a good excuse for having a poorly maintained face. For this reason, more and more people are turning to plastic surgery to slow down the aging process. Plastic surgery treatments for your face are consistently among the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments available. Although some people are intimidated by the stories of bad plastic surgery and awful plastic surgery photos that are circulating on the Internet, for the most part facial plastic surgery treatments like eye lift surgery are safe and can produce subtle changes in the way your face looks that have a big impact on the way others perceive you. It’s strange how unaccepting our society is when it comes to aging. After all, there are a number of factors that contribute to the changing nature of our face. These factors include: gravity, sun exposure, smoking, weight fluctuation, and the wind, most of which are pretty hard to avoid in your daily life. Unfortunately these minor factors eventually add up to create big changes in the way our faces appear. Frown lines develop and excess skin in the forehead forms that contributes to drooping eyebrows. The worse thing about these changes is that it often makes us appear to be older than we really are. For that reason, more and more people are turning to eye brow lift surgery to create the changes that they desire in the face. Eyebrow lift surgery works by focusing on a person’s forehead muscles and tissues. In these cases, a cosmetic surgeon will tighten the forehead muscles and tissues to produce tighter forehead skin. Due to the tightening of the forehead skin, brow lift surgery patients discover that their drooping eye brows are raised to a more normal position. Additionally, eyebrow lift surgery works to reduce the amount of furrowing between the eye brows and to eliminate visible wrinkles. Depending on the amount of work that you request, a cosmetic surgeon will use different types of eye brow lift surgical techniques to create the changes you want in your face. For patients that have obvious frown lines combined with deep forehead furrows and other visible features that they would like to get rid of (like droopy eyelids and deep wrinkles), then a cosmetic surgeon will use traditional brow lift surgical methods. After all, the more extensive work that you require for your face, the more extensive the surgical methods the cosmetic surgeon will employ. However, there are a number of individuals who would like to reverse the aging process in their face but would prefer to have more subtle plastic surgery performed. Where can these people turn? The answer is simple - mini brow lift. A mini brow lift refers to a surgical method of brow lift surgery that is less invasive than traditional brow lift methods. Unlike other brow lift methods like endoscopic brow lift, a mini brow lift is less extensive. Although a mini brow lift can not create as dramatic a visual change in your face when compared to traditional brow lift methods, the benefit of a mini brow lift treatment is that it is not as invasive. The mini brow lift is designed to assist individuals that want to make minor changes to their forehead and has the advantage of reducing the chances of potential complications from brow lift surgery. A min brow lift works in the same way that a traditional brow lift does. A plastic surgeon will work to tighten a patient’s forehead skin and muscles. Unlike the traditional brow lift, the cosmetic surgeon will only make small incisions that are typically smaller than two inches in size. The term ‘mini’ in mini brow lift refers to the small incisions that are made in this procedure. Mindful of a patient’s wishes to not have noticeable scars, the cosmetic surgeon will make these tiny incisions behind the hairline, where a patient is able to hide the scars with their hair. From there, the cosmetic surgeon has the option of reaching and releasing the fibrous connections of the eye brow from the skull. In this option, the cosmetic surgeon will disconnect some of the forehead muscles, allowing them to pull back the forehead skin. By moving the forehead skin to a higher position, the patient will be able to enjoy a smoother forehead and the disappearance of formerly notable frown lines and lowered eye brows. One of the most exciting aspects of mini brow lift surgery is that this treatment is continually improving. In some cases, cosmetic surgeons are utilizing the latest in plastic surgery technology to reduce the visibility of scarring and to increase the safety of the procedure. Some of the latest technology used in mini eye brow lift surgery is the use of lasers or radio frequency. By utilizing laser technology to loosen the eye brow muscle layers, mini eye brow lift surgery patients are enjoying the benefit of faster healing times. Additionally, using lasers has the advantage of eliminate the first few layers of skin, which results in the reduction of lines and wrinkles appearing on your face. While mini eye brow lift surgery is not the preferred surgical technique to be performed on individuals that want extensive changes to be made on their face, it is the perfect technique that wants some minor changes done. Let’s face it – life is hard enough as it is and the last thing we need is to have an enemy in our face. Reverse the aging process and use your face the way it was intended to be used – to shine, baby, to shine!