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Poodles are classified according to their size into three groups: the toy poodle, the miniature poodle, and the standard poodle. The toy poodle is the smallest on average of all the poodles. Toy poodles look a lot like standard poodles, except they are smaller and tend not to have the strange poodle haircut that many standard show poodles have. Poodles can be black white, brown, or any mixture in between. Poodles that have more than one colour in their coat are not recognized by the Kennel Club and do not participate in dog shows. Poodles are obedient dogs, originating in Germany and France, and are especially good at herding and duck hunting. The unusual standard poodle cuts of show dogs were originally meant to serve two purposes. The poodle was shaved to reduce water resistance when swimming to collect ducks in the water and its big tufts of hair were meant to keep their joints warm in the cold water. Most owners who keep poodles as pets don’t give their poodles ridiculous hair cuts because they look silly and are very high maintenance. Poodles are often called the most intelligent of all dog breeds. Poodles can be trained to do many things and make good watch dogs. They usually don’t bark excessively unless they sense an intruder. Not all poodles make good watchdogs. In particular the toy poodle is considerably less intimidating than a standard poodle, but still has a good strong bark. While many poodles are reserved and shy around strangers, they can be socialized if trained at a young age. Other poodles are very high strung but this depends a lot on the individual.

Toy Poodles

Toy poodles are great pets for a lot of people. Toy poodles get along well with families and can live in the suburbs or the city because they don’t need a big yard. Toy poodles are usually fine living in an apartment as long as they get out for regular walks. A toy poodle usually only grows to less than a foot tall and so doesn’t need as much space as bigger dogs. Toy poodles usually live for more then a decade, sometimes even past the age of fifteen. You’ll find that although your toy poodle doesn’t seem to mind being confined to an apartment for a length of time, they will be much healthier and happier if they get out for regular walks, especially id they’s give the chance to run around free on their own. If you live in the city and you don’t have a dog run nearby where you can let your toy poodle loose, yu should contact other dog owners in your area and petition the city. You can ask that a section of a nearby park be enclosed and dedicated specially for dogs to run free in. Your toy poodle will appreciate your efforts.

Toy Poodle Litters

Toy poodle litters can range anywhere from one or two or three or more puppies. Toy poodle breeders might have to look after a number of toy poodle litters at a time. Though toy poodle litters are very cute, they can be a handful. For the most part, the mother will take care of the toy poodle litter in terms of feeding and that sort of thing. However, a toy poodle litter will need you to clean up after them and make sure their mother receives good toy poodle nutrition.

Toy Poodle Lovers

If you’re a toy poodle lover, you’ll want to give your toy poodle the best of everything to make sure they live long healthy and happy lives. Raising a toy poodle isn’t all fun and games. If you’re a first time owner of a toy poodle, you’ll likely have a lot of questions about your toy poodle along the way. The best kind of toy poodle support usually comes from fellow toy poodle lovers, so try to make friends with toy poodle lovers in your community. Many toy poodle lovers become members of toy poodle clubs, where toy poodles and toy poodle lovers meet regularly to chat and play with their toy poodles. This is also a great way to socialize your toy poodle.

Toy Poodles Sale

If you’re thinking of buying a toy poodle, it’s often worth waiting for them to go on sale. Toy poodles can be expensive, so if you don’t need one in a hurry, wait for a toy poodle sale. Toy poodle sales don’t happen all that often but when they do, you can save a bundle on a toy poodle. You probably want to know where to find these toy poodle sales. There’s no single toy poodle sale go-to-guy but if you keep up with toy poodle blogs and other toy poodle owners, you’re sure to hear about a toy poodle sale in your area. The thing about toy poodle sales is they out fast. Do as soon as you hear about a toy poodle sale, don’t waste any time; rush out and buy your discounted toy poodle right away or you’ll miss your chance. After all, a good toy poodle sale only comes around about once a year in these parts.

Toy Poodle Nutrition

Toy poodle nutrition isn’t complicated. Like most dogs, it’s important that you feed your toy poodle a healthy balanced diet. You have a couple of options when it comes to toy poodle nutrition. You can buy your toy poodle’s dog food at a pet store, or you can make your toy poodle’s dog food yourself. If you’ve never made dog food before, have a look at some dog food recipes and toy poodle nutrition guides before you begin. You’ll want to include lots of meat and vegetable in your toy poodle’s food. Good toy poodle nutrition will give your toy poodle more life and energy and make them strong.