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Saint Bernards

Saint bernards are gentle giants. The saint bernard dog is the biggest and heaviest breed of dog. Saint Bernards generally weigh about two hundred pounds or so, with the heaviest saint bernard in history weighing in at around three hundred, fifty pounds. The saint bernard makes a good watchdog; because of their size, st bernards can be very intimidating to an intruder. However, saint bernards are very gentle dogs. Saint bernards are also good family pets because they get along well with children and other animals. The st bernard was originally a hunting dog, and was also used for herding in past. The saint bernard got it’s name from the traveler’s shelter at st. bernard pass, which was set up a thousand years ago by a monk, now known as st bernard.

Saint Bernard Rescue Dogs

The saint bernard dogs were used as rescue dogs in the alps. Because of their size and strength the saint bernard is able to pull people on the mountain to safety. An especially heroic saint bernard, called Barry, made this breed famous when he saved more than 40 people. Barry is the st bernard’s American name. The saint bernard’s Swiss name was Bari, which meant bear. The saint bernards that the monks used as rescue dogs looked very different to the saint bernards we know today. Those saint bernards had dark fur all over, and resembled small bears. Today, saint bernards are black and brown and white. The reason that saint bernards look so different today is that many of the dogs were killed in an avalanche and the monks had to cross the saint bernard breed with mastiffs. Unfortunately, they’re not as well suited to rescuing as they used to be. These massive saint bernards do make good pets though and are still very strong and intelligent. Many people, when they see a saint bernard, say, “oh, those are the dogs that carry whiskey flasks on their collars in the mountain to give troubled climbers a drink”. This story about saint bernards is complete nonsense.

Saint Bernard Puppies

Everyone loves a saint bernard puppy, especially if you’ve seen the Disney movie, Beethoven, starring a big saint bernard dog called Beethoven. When the movie begins, the st bernard is just a small saint bernard puppy in a pet store. Nobody wants the saint bernard puppy and he gets kidnapped by arms dealers or something. The important thing is that the saint bernard puppy ends up in the home of a kind family and grows up with them. Saint bernard puppies are very lively and full of mischief. Saint Bernard puppies grow quickly, and before you know it, can weigh up to 220 pounds. Though st bernard puppies are always bursting with energy, full grown saint bernards tend to be loungers. Full grown saint bernards need a lot of space and attention and should not be left alone for too long. Saint Bernards are known to destroy things if left alone for too long, as most dogs do. Saint Bernards also need to be well fed and exercised regularly to stay healthy. Because of their size, saint bernards are prone to a number of bone problems. A good diet and exercise can prevent a lot of these problems, so don’t get a saint bernard unless you have the time and space to look after it properly. Because saint bernards are suck strong and powerful animals, it’s important that you have a good sturdy fence enclosing your yard. Though you might not expect it from looking at them, saint bernards are excellent jumpers and can jump over fences if they’re too low. They also love to dig; so check the perimeter of your property regularly to make sure they aren’t digging big holes under the fence that your saint bernard could escape through.

Profile of a Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernards are heavy dogs. They are also heavy droolers and heavy shedders. If you’re thinking of getting a saint bernard, keep in mind that they’re not low maintenance, clean dogs. St. Bernards require a lot of brushing and regular long walks, at least when they’re older. Long walks aren’t necessary or recommended for saint bernard puppies because they have fragile bones when they’re young and you need to be careful with them. A saint bernard usually lives for about ten or more years and can develop a number of skin, bone and eye problems in their old age. Saint bernards are also prone to seizures. Also keep in mind that st bernards can be quite expensive to keep. Besides the vet bills, you will have to spend a lot of money on your st bernard’s food simply because st bernards eat so much. The Saint Bernard does well in colder climates, which it was bred to withstand, and is a good dog to keep in the country or the suburbs because they need a lot of space to sun around. A saint bernard is not a good choice if you have a small home because they will feel cramped and you will feel cramped having an enormous dog around. It’s not fair for people to have saint bernards in tropical climates because saint bernards have heavy coats and plenty of insulation to keep them warm, and will be miserable hot and uncomfortable all the time if made to live in a tropical climate. This sort of thing should be common sense. Also, Saint bernards don’t make the best urban pets because they don’t like to be locked up in a small apartment by themselves during the day. If you were to try this, you’d find much of your furniture destroyed at the end of the day. Believe it or not, there are people who live downtown who keep saint bernards as pets. These saint bernards usually live in small houses or apartments and don’t get out enough to exercise. Not taking your saint bernard out for walks will result in a lot of health problems for your saint bernard. Another thing to keep in mind when getting a saint bernard puppy, is that they grow up fast, to an enormous size, so it’s important to train them when they’re still small.