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Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds today are popular show dogs. The afghan hound originated in Afghanistan and was bred for hunting wolves – hard to imagine of this medium-sized elegant-looking dog. Afghan hounds have long hair, usually brownish, but sometimes with some black and white as well. The afghan hound is a fairly independent dog, much like a cat, and doesn’t always listen to you if they don’t fell like it. The afghan hound is not easy to obedience train and is the brightest of the dog breeds. When groomed for a show, the afghan hound has long silky hair and a disproportionately small-looking head.

Afghan hounds usually live for about 10 to twelve years. Afghan hounds are prone to cancer and allergies, like a lot of comparable breeds. In fact, some sources say that thirty percent of afghan hounds die from cancer. Unfortunately afghan hounds are difficult to treat for a lot of illnesses because they’re too sensitive to anesthetics.

Afghan Hound Breeder

If you’d like to get an afgan hound of your own, contact an afgan hound breeder. It’s important that you choose you afgan hound breeder carefully because buying an afghan hound from an irresponsible afgan hound breeder can result in serious health problems for your afgan hound. A responsible afgan hound breeder will test the afgan hound adults before breeding to ensure they don’t have any heritable diseases or genetic defects that could be passed on their afgan hound puppies. If your afghan hound breeder lives nearby, ask if you can come by to see the parents beforehand. That way, you can get a feel for how the afghan hounds are treated by the afgan hound breeder. Afghan hound breeders aren’t too hard to find in north American though they once were. Until the turn of the twentieth century, the afghan people didn’t want o export their afghan hounds and so the afghan hounds weren’t bred in north America until th early nineteen hundreds. If you’re having trouble finding a reputable afgan hound breeder, why not contact a knowledgeable afghan hound owner and ask them where to find a good breeder. A good afghan hound owner to ask would be someone who enters their afgan hound in dog shows because you can be sure they checked out their afghan hound breeder pretty thoroughly already.

Afghan Hound Puppies

Are you looking for afghan puppies? A good place to get afghan puppies is from afghan breeders. If you’re a first time afgan puppy owner, you’ll find that owning an afghan puppy is very challenging and also very rewarding. Afghan puppies need to be trained form a young age and socialized with other dogs and people. Though adult afghan hounds are not overly affectionate, they need a lot of affection as puppies. You’ll have to give your afghan puppy a lot of exercise. Adult afghan hounds need a lot of room to run around as they are very fast energetic dogs. Though afghan hounds can be reserved at times, they can also be very energetic and playful. An afghan hound does much better in a wide open setting and is night ideal for apartment living. The afghan hound needs a lot of activity and a balanced diet to stay healthy.

Afghan Hounds in Dog Shows

Afghan hounds are common competitors in dogs shows, perhaps because of their elegant stance, unique features, and beautiful long hair. The afghan hound has won the Westminster best in show twice already, though not recently. If you want an afghan hound for dog shows, you’ll have to choose your afghan hound puppy very carefully. Check with you kennel club to see what the standard is for the breed and choose an afghan hound puppy that at least meets the minimum requirements. If you don’t check in advance, you may choose an afghan hound puppy of the wrong colour, which results in disqualification from dog shows. Also, realize that to participate in dog shows, your afan hound’s hair must be kept long. This can be very time consuming because you have to groom your afgan hound’s coat regularly.

Afghan Hound Clubs

If you love afghan hounds, join an afghan hound club. There are afghan hound clubs across north America where afghan hound owners and their dogs meet up to talk about afghan hounds. Sometimes, afghan hound clubs hold fundraisers for afghan hound rescue shelters. An afghan hound rescue shelter is a place for abandoned afghan hounds. Afghan hounds might be abandoned by their owners for a number of reasons. Their owner may have dies or lost their afghan hound or, more commonly, the owner bought an afghan hound without doing enough research about the breed, only to find that the afghan hound didn’t suit their lifestyle. Perhaps they didn’t walk their afghan hound frequently enough or maybe they wanted a dog that was more affectionate and dependant on them. Either way, beautiful afghan hounds end up in dog shelters far too often, so afghan hound rescue teams take in the dogs and try to find them new homes. Lots of people who want to buy afghan hounds say that they’d rather buy an afghan hound puppy from an afghan hound breeder so that they can train it themselves. It’s true that some abandoned dogs have unfavourable personality traits either because they were neglected or abused, but many afghan hounds at afghan hound rescue shelters came from good homes and need a second chance. An afghan hound rescue shelter worker will tell you if an afghan hound has any sort of personality disorder because they want you to adopt the afghan hound that’s right for you. If afghan hound rescue workers didn’t take the time to match their afghan hounds to suitable owners, they’d soon see the same afghan hounds back in the shelter. So next time you’re thinking of getting and afghan hound, or any dog for that matter, why not try a rescue shelter first. There are plenty of wonderful dogs waiting for a good home.