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Paris Hilton Model

As Paris Hilton gets ready to embark on her odyssey in jail, now seems as good a time as any to reflect on the career of this hotel heiress. Arguably more well known for the notorious paris hilton sex tape, which arguably has legitimized the trend of celebrity sex tapes as great career move, for anything else, the last few years has seen Paris Hilton attempt to embark on several different careers. Although Hilton has been famously trying to get a movie career going and has already released a pretty well received debut album, Paris Hilton’s career started much earlier. In fact, it is her early days as a model that can be said to be the beginning of Paris Hilton’s mythical career. The career of Paris Hilton can be traced back to her younger days. It may seem strange to think of Paris Hilton Model, but it’s true. Hilton first broke on the national scene not for her notoriously spoiled behavior but for her sultry, thin blonde looks. The Paris Hilton Model saga began while she was still a child. During her childhood, she would appear as a model at charity events. Undoubtedly, Hilton’s connection to the Hilton fortune had much to do with this opportunity. However, the Paris Hilton Model story truly began while Hilton was still in her teens. At the time, paris hilton was attending high school and quickly realized that hitting the books wasn’t for her. Remembering her childhood modeling days, Hilton struck out on her own where she was discovered by the famed modeling agency T Management that is owned by Donald Trump. This early connection opened up doors within the modeling world for Hilton. Soon she was signed up to prestigious modeling agencies from New York’s Ford Models Management to London’s Model 1 Agency. These opportunities meant that Paris Hilton Model was able to land a number of prominent ad campaigns. Guess Jeans are well known for their edgy advertisements and have helped the careers of many famous models. Previous Guess models include Anna Nicole Smith, Drew Barrymore, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and current Victoria’s Secret vixen, Alessandra Ambrossio. It’s a pretty select group of models and this was the break in Paris Hilton’s modeling career. In addition, Paris Hilton’s appearance in these ads helped turn the fortunes of the sinking Guess Jeans fortune. Hilton’s appearance in the iconic Guess Jeans black and white ads led to more doors of modeling opportunity being opened for her unique skills. Strange as it may sound now, but there was a time where Tommy Hilfiger clothing was as ubiquitous as Paris Hilton is now. The stylish threads for preppy kids and also for hip hop stars, Tommy Hilfiger ruled the fashion world for a couple of years. Hilton’s appearance in their ads as well as gracing the classy ads of Christian Dior represents the pinnacle of Hilton’s modeling career. In many ways Paris Hilton’s modeling career has been her most successful career. In fact, Paris Hilton looked like she was happy with her modeling career and was becoming entrenched in that world. One of the most common pitfalls for young models is an inability to resist the party scene. As you could undoubtedly imagine, a young Paris Hilton was unable to resist the temptations and ego boosting exploits of the New York modeling scene. While Paris Hilton has established a reputation as a notorious partier and one of the faces of young Hollywood’s partying problem, Hilton herself would admit that her current partying days don’t quiet match the extravagance of her modeling days. It would be in New York as an up and coming model that the legend of Paris Hilton’s extravagant life would develop. She would enter into relationships with a number of prominent people, including Shannon Doherty’s ex-husband, Rick Soloman. The two would of course go on and collaborate on the Rick Soloman Paris Hilton sex tape, “One Night in Paris.” Of course that’s a whole different story and one that we will examine in a different article. At the time, Paris Hilton spent a considerable part of her time engaged to fellow fashion model, Jason Shaw. Despite reaching considerable success, Hilton was thinking about breaking into different avenues. With her strong connections to Hollywood insiders and her movie star looks, Paris Hilton was attempting to establish some connections in the acting world. As you surely know, the modeling world is notorious for how short a model’s career span is. After all, although there are iconic supermodels, the modeling industry thrives on featuring the beauty of young starlets who are trying to avoid the realities of aging. In many cases, young models find that they burn out eventually caught up by the traveling obligations and the demands of fitting within such a rigid standard of beauty. Also, the partying life of models is a great perk but eventually can get tiresome and lead to documented crashes like Kate Moss’ recent drug bust. Ironically, in many ways, Paris Hilton’s partying ways was the best thing that she could do for her career. Eventually, her New York based exploits combined with her status as heiress to the Hilton fortune, an iconic name based on the impeccable reputation of Hilton Hotels, made her become more known within the country. This newfound national attention added some much needed momentum in Paris Hilton’s attempt to expand into different territories. With an increased notoriety and a ton of buzz, Paris Hilton was all ready to make her mark on the world. The country was a simpler time and current tabloid stars like Lindsay Lohan was still in the midst of a celebrated career as a child actress. Britney Spears was still considered a role model to many young girls and nobody knew that 1980s pop superstar Lionel Richie even had a daughter. However, this would all change when Paris Hilton took the next step of her career. Of course, the question remains – what is the next stage for an aspiring ex-model to enter. The answer – television! Read more about the next step in Paris Hilton’s career in the excellent article, Paris Hilton – The Simple Life and other small screen adventures!