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Howie Mandel

The Canadian born comedian howie mandel is probably best known these days for hosting Deal or No Deal. Before deal or no deal, however, howie mandel was well known as a stand-up comedian and for various television and film roles. In the 1980s, howie mandel was probably best known for the television show saint elsewhere. In the 1990s, Howie Mandel produced and starred in the children’s television show Bobby’s World. Howie Mandel has also recently been a spokesperson for boston pizza. The career of Howie Mandel started in the late 1970s and he was worked steadily ever since. With deal or no deal, howie mandel has become a household name, famous for the Deal or No Deal catch phrase. In comic circles, howie mandel may still be best known for his stand-up, which he has been doing since 1978. Howie Mandel was born and raised in Toronto. It was in Toronto that howie mandel started his stand-up career. Howie Mandel started performing at Yuk Yuk’s, a Toronto comedy club, in 1978. Howie Mandel would remain big in Canada even after he took his career to the United States. When howie mandel recently took deal or no deal on tour to Toronto in 2007, the result was a huge success. Toronto welcomed howie mandel back as one of their own. Deal or No Deal Canada was high in demand. There was even a nation wide talent competition to be a deal or no deal Canada model. Girls all over the country wanted to be selected by Howie Mandel to be one of the Deal or No Deal models that hold the suitcases. Even more in demand were the chances to be deal or no deal contestants.
Howie Mandel saw many Canadian contestants flock to Toronto for their fifteen seconds of fame and a chance to win big money on deal or no deal. Deal or No Deal in Canada was a success and everyone is hoping they will bring deal or no deal back again to the hometown of howie mandel. Howie Mandel was successful as a stand-up comedian. Howie Mandel performed at comedy clubs across Canada and the United States. One time howie mandel even opened for David Letterman on his stand-up tour in the late 1970s. CBS even gave howie mandel a television special. What really made howie mandel known to American audiences, however, was his starring role on the television drama saint elsewhere. Howie Mandel was one of many young actors to get their start on saint elsewhere. On saint elsewhere, howie mandel played Dr. Wayne Fiscus. As Dr. Fiscus, howie mandel won huge audiences. The drama saint elsewhere took place in Boston. The hospital in which saint elsewhere is set primarily deals with low-income patients. While younger audiences may not know much about saint elsewhere or Howie Mandel and his role on saint elsewhere, the show was very popular in its time. The influence of saint elsewhere can be found in many medical dramas today and saint elsewhere really brought howie mandel his popularity. Besides saint elsewhere, Howie Mandel made his name with children’s audiences through Bobby’s World. Bobby’s World was actually based on a stand-up character that howie mandel used to perform. On the past season of deal or no deal, howie mandel once again performed Bobby at the request of a contestant. Howie Mandel has always been seen as a Canadian comedian despite the fact most of his television shows were based on American networks. Canadian children also know howie mandel as the Bobby’s World star. The commercials howie mandel did for boston pizza also increased his recognition.
In 2002, howie mandel was recruited as the new spokesperson for the boston pizza chain of restaurants. In the commercials for boston pizza, Howie Mandel would be really friendly with the boston pizza patrons. In those boston pizza commercials, howie mandel would really promote the boston pizza motto that when you go to boston pizza you are among friends. Now howie mandel has been replaced as the boston pizza mascot by a Sasquatch named Louie. Deal or No Deal really took off as a surprise hit and Howie Mandel saw his popularity soar. As the host of deal or no deal, howie mandel has to make small talk with the contestants and build the suspense of their decision. The concept of Deal or No Deal is basic but Howie Mandel makes each decision sound life threatening. Howie Mandel has mastered the concerned and suspenseful way of talking that all game show hosts need. Deal or No Deal could have been boring so howie mandel needs to keep the energy and the comedy flowing in order to make sure deal or no deal audiences stick around. The concept of Deal or No Deal is basically like playing the lottery but howie mandel helps emphasize that each decision the deal or no deal contestant makes really matters for the outcome. When howie mandel started hosting deal or no deal, some Howie Mandel fans were surprised to see that he shaved his head.
Howie Mandel had always had curly black hair. On Deal or No Deal, howie mandel is clean-shaven except for his goatee. The shaved head turned out not to be because howie mandel was losing his hair but rather because Howie Mandel has obsessive compulsive disorder and is scared of germs. It is weird to think that howie mandel as the host of Deal or No Deal would be terrified of germs. Hosting deal or no deal requires Howie Mandel to shake many strangers’ hands. Apparently howie mandel avoids shaking deal or no deal contestants’ hands by often patting their shoulders instead. Howie Mandel has had a diverse and successful career. From stand-up to television drama to children’s shows and now to hosting Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandel has come a long way. Deal or No Deal is still going strong and howie mandel will be back for another season. Howie Mandel certainly has done well as a game show host and deal or no deal could stick around for a while.