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Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has become a household name with the reality show American Idol. In fact, american idol can attribute its success to the harshly critical personality of simon cowell. Besides American Idol, however, Simon Cowell has been behind a number of other top shows. Simon Cowell is known as a producer of both music and television. With american idol, simon cowell was able to combine his expertise in both music and television. American Idol has been part of the revolution of reality television in the past decade. Without simon cowell and the media attention his name gets, american idol may not have been so successful. It was because people had heard of Simon Cowell and how mean he was supposed to be that they even tuned into American Idol in the first place. American Idol has proved to be a huge success for all involved, especially simon cowell. Simon Cowell has used the success of american idol to launch his other hit reality television shows on British and American television. Before american idol, simon cowell was an A&R representative for Sony Records. Simon Cowell was raised in a musical family. The father of simon cowell was also a music executive. It makes sense that Simon Cowell has ended up where he did with American Idol. Though simon cowell started out in the mailroom of EMI, he soon moved up in the ranks. Simon Cowell left EMI and started his own record company. Though that company failed, simon cowell did not give up. Simon Cowell has always had an eye for star talent. Even before american idol, Simon Cowell brought in hot new artists to the record companies he worked for. Soon simon cowell had a good reputation for creating pop stars.
Simon Cowell discovered boy bands like Five and Westlife. Simon Cowell obviously had a talent for manufacturing pop music and giving the audience what they want. American Idol must have been a natural step for Simon Cowell. The music simon cowell has discovered and produced over the years shows that when it comes to commercial success you do not have to be good, you just have to be marketable. Simon Cowell has excelled at telling the public what they should want. Before american idol, simon cowell was a judge on the British version of the show. In 2002, simon cowell was brought on for the first season of american idol. The premise of American Idol was that contestants would audition for three judges (simon cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul) and the judges would comment on their talent. As an A&R executive, Simon Cowell was used to this job. But what made simon cowell stand out on american idol was his style of judging. Simon Cowell was seen as the nasty one. When it came time for him to judge the American Idol contestants, simon cowell would often start by saying “I don’t mean to be rude but…” and then follow with a rude comment. The autobiography of Simon Cowell is actually called I Don’t Mean To Be Rude But… after his trademark phrase on American Idol. The american idol judging style of simon cowell quickly made him famous and one of the most popular american idol judges.
Due to his meanness on American Idol, people started questioning simon cowells heart. Critics were always asking about simon cowells heart. When someone did really well on American Idol and simon cowell had nothing but nice things to say, people would comment that the contestant melted simon cowells heart. It is not really about simon cowells heart however. Who cares about simon cowells heart? Rather than simon cowells heart, it is about Simon Cowell’s business. Simon Cowell knows his American Idol image and has to maintain that harshness. If he started to show simon cowells heart, he would not be respected for his american idol criticism. Simon Cowell may not wear simon cowells heart on his sleeve but it’s cruel to say that simon cowells heart does not exist. Many extraordinary american idol talents may even be said to have melted simon cowells heart. One person who has certainly melted simon cowells heart is Terri Seymour, simon cowell girlfriend. The simon cowell girlfriend must have to put up with a lot of american idol style criticism. There were rumours about Simon Cowell cheating on his simon cowell girlfriend last year. Pictures of the simon cowell girlfriend arriving to visit Simon Cowell and not looking too happy appeared on the internet. Simon Cowell of course denied that he would ever cheat on his simon cowell girlfriend.
Simon Cowell and the simon cowell girlfriend have been together for almost four years. There have been stories about many a simon cowell girlfriend in the past. Simon Cowell seems to have a simon cowell girlfriend type. A famous pop star simon cowell once managed once filled the position of simon cowell girlfriend. Now Terri Seymour fills the simon cowell girlfriend position. Simon Cowell has had so much success with American Idol. Simon Cowell now makes forty million dollars a season for american idol. Not only does simon cowell make that much just for American Idol, but also Simon Cowell has built up the simon cowell franchise. Now the Simon Cowell name is hugely marketable in itself. Besides American Idol, simon cowell has had other British television hits about the making of a star, including The X Factor. Simon Cowell has also brought many other reality shows to the United States. America’s Got Talent and American Inventor are two of the simon cowell shows that have taken off for American audiences this season. Simon Cowell was also the brains behind Il Divo, the pop opera group who have proved very successful. Obviously simon cowell knew what he was doing with american idol. Simon Cowell started a show that was unstoppable. The phenomenon of american idol just keeps growing. Simon Cowell has translated American Idol into records, tours, merchandise, and an entire franchise beyond television. Simon Cowell and American Idol will probably continue their success for years to come.