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Berlin, a city with a very turbulent history, has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Since the berlin wall fell in 1989, berlin germany has flourished in terms of both culture and economics. A trip to berlin is not complete without a visit to the mostly torn down Berlin Wall but Berlin offers so much more with its historical buildings and avant-garde arts culture. The great thing about berlin germany is that you can manage to have an affordable vacation staying at cheap hotels in berlin if you so choose. However, the many 5 star hotels in berlin also assure that you can have a luxury vacation in one of the world’s most fascinating cities. For more about berlin tourism, you should look into buying a travel book on Berlin. A book on berlin tourism may prove very useful, as these books on berlin usually offer a map of berlin, as well as recommendations for Berlin restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing.
A visit to berlin germany is bound to be an interesting and exciting time. In fact, many people who visit Berlin never want to leave. Your first concern when planning a trip to berlin germany is how to get to Berlin. If you are flying from within Europe, consider taking air berlin. If you are flying to berlin from a different continent, you may have trouble taking air berlin. In order to take air berlin if you are visiting berlin germany from North America, you should look into flying to London or Paris and then using air berlin as a connecting flight to Berlin. If you choose air berlin as your preferred airline, try going to the air berlin website. The air berlin website offers specials for flying within Europe (both to and from berlin), as well as detailed information about air berlin flights. You can book your air berlin flight directly on the air berlin website. If you are interested in working for air berlin the air berlin website also offers job listings and links to training programs. While air berlin may be the most popular Berlin airline, it may not offer the appropriate flight for you so be sure to shop around when you are searching for your flight to berlin germany.
The next concern when planning your trip to berlin will be finding Berlin hotels. While a berlin tourism guide may offer a list of 5 star hotels in berlin, you may have trouble finding recommendations for cheap hotels in berlin in the same book. When considering how much you can spend on Berlin hotels, plan a budget detailing how much money you are able to spend in berlin germany on any given day, keeping in mind that the currency of Berlin is the Euro. If you have looked at Berlin hotels and decided that you can only afford to stay at cheap hotels in berlin, you should look online at berlin tourism and hostel websites to choose the Berlin hotels that are right for you. Any website featuring cheap hotels in berlin should offer reviews of these cheap hotels in berlin so you can know what to expect. Another good idea when looking for cheap hotels in berlin is to consider a map of berlin and consult a berlin tourism guide to determine which areas of Berlin are safe, as many cheap hotels in berlin may not be reputable. If you have planned out a budget for your trip to berlin germany and have decided to stay at 5 star hotels in berlin, a berlin tourism guide that lists Berlin hotels may prove useful to you. These berlin tourism guides should also locate the 5 star hotels in berlin on a map of berlin.
Of course, all 5 star hotels in berlin are reputable and obviously the 5 star hotels in berlin are better than all other Berlin hotels. There are only six 5 star hotels in berlin. While most of these 5 star hotels in berlin were built after the fall of the Berlin Wall, two of the 5 star hotels in berlin were built before Berlin was reunified. If you are staying at 5 star hotels in berlin, you are obviously aiming for a luxury vacation. If this is the case, check out a berlin tourism guide for a list of recommended restaurants and shopping around the Berlin hotels to further enhance your berlin germany experience. The map of berlin used to be divided into East and West Berlin by the berlin wall. When the map of berlin featured the Berlin Wall, East Berlin was a communist territory modelled after the Soviet Regime and West berlin was a capitalist country, still mostly under the control of the Allies. This map of berlin has obviously been updated since the fall of the berlin wall in 1989. The map of berlin now features a unified Berlin but berlin germany still retains some buildings and features that designate an East and West side. The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 by East Berlin, as East berlin noticed that citizens of berlin germany were trying to escape East Berlin and move to West berlin. The berlin wall was used as a border within the country so that East berlin was able to better control their territory.
Many citizens of East berlin germany tried to escape to West berlin using false passports or trying to get over, under, or through the Berlin Wall. The East Berlin guards killed hundreds of people as they tried to escape past the berlin wall. When the Berlin Wall was finally destroyed in 1989, it was a time for celebration. Citizens of both sides of berlin germany mobbed the berlin wall and the citizens themselves destroyed most of the berlin wall. Now only three sections of the Berlin Wall remain as memorials and these berlin wall sections are badly damaged. These berlin wall sections are also covered in graffiti, celebrating the freedom that the destruction of the Berlin Wall brought to citizens of both sides of berlin germany.