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Botswana, Africa is the African travel destination for visitors looking for somewhere a little out of the ordinary. Botswana is located just North of South Africa and is bordered by Namibia on the West, Zimbabwe on the northeast and Zambia to the North. Botswana has suffered war and poverty like many other African countries but botswana remains one of the safer travel destinations in the continent. Botswana hosts many national parks in which you can go camping and enjoy the lush and vibrant flora and fauna of the botswana wilderness. Botswana also prides itself on friendly locals and a Botswana Culture that includes indigenous crafts, art, and literature. If you are thinking of visiting botswana be sure to research local customs and regulations before entering the country so you will be prepared with all the proper documents. It might be best to book your Botswana vacation through a travel agent so you can be sure about the botswana regulations. Botswana is a beautiful country and can offer you a travel experience like no other.
The first step in planning your vacation to botswana is to check out the entry requirements for the country. Botswana, Africa has pretty standard entry requirements in that botswana requires visitors to have a valid passport and means by which they plan to leave the country after their visit. If you are traveling to Botswana, Africa from a Commonwealth Country, most of Europe, or the United States you will not need a Visa. If you are traveling to Botswana from somewhere other than these Western countries, you will need to obtain a proper entry visa at a botswana embassy. Make sure you have obtained all of these proper documents before you start traveling to Botswana, Africa in order to avoid any hassles on your Botswana vacation. The next concerns when planning your botswana trip will be how to get to Botswana, Africa and where to stay. The best way to get to Botswana if you are traveling from outside the continent is to fly into Johannesburg International Airport and then take an Air Botswana flight to Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, Africa. If you are planning to stay in Gaborone at all, you will have many international botswana hotels to choose from. Unless you are traveling to Botswana on business, however, you will probably wish to better explore botswana and experience the Botswana nature so you may want to stay in small towns or in the many national parks. If you have decided to spend your Botswana, Africa trip traveling botswana or camping in a national park you will have to take a bus or rent a car from Gaborone in order to get around Botswana. Botswana, Africa does not have a reliable railway system yet but they do have very good roads.
If you have chosen to experience botswana by camping in one of the many national parks you should be aware that these Botswana reserves are usually undeveloped or host only basic facilities and usually necessitate a 4 x 4 vehicle to reach the designated camping area. The official tourism site for Botswana, Africa recommends that you make reservations for campsites in advance and offers a list of contact numbers for the Botswana national parks. The most popular national parks in Botswana are probably the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. The Moremi Game Reserve allows you to experience the Okavango Delta, which showcases the beauty that makes Botswana, Africa so unique. The Moremi Game Reserve in botswana allows you to visit lush forests and islands in the Delta, as well as boasting over four hundred species of birds. Chobe National Park in Botswana offers a different experience, as this park is located in the botswana savannah grasslands. Even if you chose to stay in a city like Gaborone for your trip to Botswana, Africa, there are other ways to experience botswana nature in day trips, such as a visit to the St. Claire Lion Park or a climb up Kgale Hill, which is home to a troop of baboons and a pair of black eagles. If you choose to stay in Gaborone, you will experience urban Botswana Culture. Gaborone is home to modern Botswana Culture, as it is the only real modern city in botswana. This modern Botswana Culture has its roots in the founding of Gaborone as the capital city of botswana in 1967.
Gaborone now boasts international brands in shopping, hotels, and restaurants, as well as markets and goods indigenous to botswana. Botswana Culture today, like other cultures worldwide, has become more globalized in the urban centres. Highlights of Botswana Culture even in urban centres are the stores featuring the local arts and crafts of Botswana, Africa. The women of botswana are well known for their talents as basket weavers. These baskets are an important part of Botswana Culture, as they put botswana on the map as a craft centre and are successfully sold and exported. Other features of Botswana Culture include pottery and cricket, reflecting both local and colonial influences. If you are looking for examples of the arts and crafts of Botswana Culture in the urban centres, try the Craft Workshop outlets in Gaborone, where botswana locals sell their handmade items. Of course, this was only an overview of urban Botswana Culture. Botswana Culture may also be seen in small towns and the smaller cities. Unless you plan to rent a vehicle or are traveling to Botswana, Africa with a tour group, however, you may have trouble exploring more rural botswana. For those travelers looking for something a little different, Botswana, Africa could be the destination for you. From its diverse and beautiful landscape to its friendly and welcoming Botswana Culture, botswana is slowly growing a popular African tourist destination. Of course the main draw for travelers to Botswana is the wildlife. Botswana, Africa features some of the largest populations of African wildlife on the continent, so if you are traveling to botswana be sure to explore beyond the cities and villages and truly experience Botswana nature.