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Nepal is a popular travel destination for adventure travelers. If you enjoy nature and physical activity in an exotic and unique landscape then nepal could be right for you. One of the most popular activities to do in Nepal is nepal trekking. The landscape of nepal is so diverse that a nepal trek will be a challenging and rewarding experience. Another common travel activity is rafting in nepal. Nepal is not only filled with mountains and hills but also with rivers so rafting in nepal can be an exciting option for those looking for some fast-paced thrills. Nepal may not be for everyone, as nepal trekking and rafting in nepal do require you to be in good health. There are other ways to see nepal besides a nepal trek and these may include a nepal tour that stops at major cities and allows you to see the Nepal landscape by car or bus. While this way of seeing nepal does not give you the true experience of living in the country, this kind of nepal tour may still allow you to enjoy learning about the culture and history of nepal. Try learning more by checking out a travel nepal brochure or website. If you love white water rafting then you definitely have to check out rafting in nepal. Those who have been rafting in nepal have cited the experience as one of the best travel adventures of their lives. If you have decided to go rafting in nepal, make sure you do your research about where to rent equipment and a guide in Nepal. You might find this information on rafting in nepal in a travel nepal guide. A nepal tour may also offer a rafting in nepal experience but depending on your expertise you may wish to go rafting in nepal in a private group. When you go rafting in nepal you will truly experience the diversity of the Nepal landscape as you speed through tropical gorges in the Himalayas. The Himalayas are the best place to go rafting in nepal but if you do not have a lot of rafting experience then you should only go rafting in nepal as part of a nepal tour. A nepal tour that features rafting in nepal will often include a camp out on the Nepal riverbanks. If you are visiting nepal you do not want to miss out on nepal trekking. There are many different types of nepal trek so no matter your age or experience you should be able to go trekking in nepal with the nepal tour that’s right for you. When you are researching nepal trekking, make sure to check out all the major nepal trek paths so you can decide which one best suites your experience and physical capabilities. A nepal tour may be the right way for a beginner to go hiking in nepal whereas a person more advanced may wish to do an independent nepal trekking to higher altitudes. The altitude will always have an impact on how far you can go trekking in nepal because those with respiratory diseases should not attempt a higher nepal trek. As well, people should note that after 4500 metres above sea level there are no more small villages or hotels so you should be prepared for this when planning on hiking in nepal. A travel nepal guide will show you the various types of a nepal trek that are available to travelers. The most popular way to experience trekking in nepal is through a Teahouse Trek. In this kind of nepal trekking, the travelers go hiking through nepal and follow well-laid paths to villages in the hills. The teahouse trek is suitable for all kinds of travelers who wish to go trekking in nepal. If you choose the Teahouse Trek as your nepal trek, you do not need to pack any climbing gear for your hiking in nepal adventure. When participating in any form of nepal trekking, however, you should pack some emergency food and medical supplies just in case one of the lodges is closed. A nepal tour will almost certainly offer the option of trekking in nepal and a nepal trek is an experience not to be missed. Before you travel to Nepal, make sure you are fully aware of the kind of nepal trek your nepal tour offers. Far more challenging than just hiking in nepal is nepal trekking to the Mount Everest Base Camp. Before you decided that the nepal trek to Everest is right for you, be sure to consult a travel nepal guide because they offer warnings about physical limitations and environmental hazards that go along with this kind of nepal trekking. There are some nepal tours that offer trekking in nepal to Everest base camp and if you are not a very experienced climber, you should join one of these groups. You do not have to be the most experienced adventure traveler to go trekking in nepal but to reach Everest base camp you have to be prepared to travel sixteen days and to reach altitudes of 10 000 metres above sea level. So if you have decided to join a nepal tour that embarks on this kind of adventure be forewarned that you will have to be more physically fit than you would for hiking in nepal. A travel nepal guide can be invaluable if you are planning an adventure trip to Nepal. Not only will a travel nepal guide show you the proper trails to take when trekking in nepal but it will also indicate if a nepal tour is right for you. If you are planning on a nepal trek or rafting in nepal and you do not have a lot of experience, a nepal tour is highly recommended. A travel nepal guide can recommend a good nepal tour and may also recommend which lodges to stop at along your nepal trek. Seeing Nepal is an unforgettable experience and the beauty of the nepal landscape is well worth the nepal trek.