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Nice, France is a tourist hot spot on the French Riviera. Only twenty minutes from Cannes and forty minutes from Monaco, nice france offers beautiful views and incredible beaches on the Riviera. While the seaside area of Nice may be a little too touristy for some travelers, Old Nice offers hidden gems in the city for more adventurous travelers to discover. When visiting nice, you should be prepared to spend a little more for that nice meal or gift but you can actually find accommodations and amenities for travelers with a lower budget as well. Nice France is known for its beauty and warm climate. Nice looks like paradise with its bright blue water and pebble beaches. Nice, France is actually a travel destination year round due to its warm weather so if you really want to experience nice france without the tour groups, go during off-season. You may also want to experience the livelier nice during the Cannes Film Festival but be sure to remember that during Cannes Nice books up fast and prices may also be higher than usual. If you have decided to go to Nice, France, the first thing you will want to do is book a flight and a hotel. When looking for a flight to Nice France, consider flying out of a larger transit hub like Paris or Frankfurt, which may be cheaper than flying direct to nice. If you are flying to nice france from North America, you may wish to look into flying from London because transatlantic flights are much cheaper to London than they are directly to Nice. When you land in the Nice, France International airport you can choose between taking a local bus twenty minutes into Nice and taking a coach bus from nice france to Monaco or Cannes. There are many ways to get to Monaco or Cannes from Nice France, including the nice ferry, the Nice train, or even local nice buses. When you are traveling within Nice, France you can use the local buses but because nice france is such a beautiful city and not too large, you can mostly just walk to the local attractions. Before you get to Nice France you will want to book your hotel. There are many hotels in nice france which range from hostels and budget accommodations to beautiful 19th century art deco hotels. Once again, if you are traveling to Nice, France during the Cannes festival you are best to book well in advance because Nice becomes very busy during that season. If you are looking for a hostel in nice, try searching a site like hostel world. Nice, France also offers some bed and breakfasts but these cost significantly more than a hostel. While Nice France is certainly not one of the cheapest cities for a backpacker to explore, there are many people who travel to nice france and stay within a low budget. If you have the money for a more lavish Nice vacation, try staying at the Hotel Negresco, the most elegant hotel in nice that is located on the promenade and right across from the beach. Another beautiful and more upscale seaside Nice hotel is the Hotel West-End. The hotels in Nice, France located directly on the beach are always more expensive than those located in Old Nice and the outskirts of nice france. Once you have a flight and hotel booked for Nice France, you will want to learn the best attractions in nice. Of course, the reason most people travel to Nice, France is to enjoy the beaches that stretch along the Mediterranean. These Nice beaches feature blue cabana chairs that travelers can rent to relax in the sun. The seaside beaches of nice france are lined with a long pedestrian promenade. The Nice promenade features a beautiful view of the beaches and the seashore, as well many nice vendors who are selling souvenirs and boat rentals. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the promenade in Nice, France is the seaside restaurants. While the seaside restaurants in nice france are certainly pricey, they are worth the price for the luxury of enjoying great French cuisine in a beautiful atmosphere. A seaside vacation in Nice France where money is not a worry can be one of the most relaxing experiences of your life. Other than the Nice beaches, there are many attractions to see within the city of Nice, France. Old Nice is an extremely popular nice france destination. Old Nice is the old city centre and is filled with narrow streets, local shops, food and drink, and European charm. If you are visiting nice france you cannot miss out on Old Nice. If you are a younger traveler visiting nice and looking for nightlife, Old Nice will have nightlife better suited to your budget. Away from the beach and in the city of Nice France is where you find the local crafts and wines, as well as the local food. If you can’t splurge on a seaside restaurant in nice france, try Old, Nice for a slightly less expensive restaurant with more Old European charm. If you can drag yourself away from the beaches in Nice France, try to experience some of the culture of the city. A particularly wonderful attraction in nice france is the Matisse Museum. For fans of Henri Matisse, the Matisse Museum is a must when visiting Nice, France. Many Matisse admirers have commented that the colours Matisse used in his paintings may have been inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Nice. While there are many other museums in nice france, the Matisse Museum is the one not to be missed. Other Nice, France landmarks that you should see include the elegant Opera House in Old Nice and the Chateau, which offers a stunning panoramic view of nice france at no cost. Nice, France is a paradise on the French Riviera. Whether you are on a budget or looking for a lavish Riviera vacation, nice france can offer you relaxation, elegance, and many great memories.