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Paris is widely known as the most romantic city in the world. While that statement may be challenged, romance has proved to be a wonderful marketing tool for paris france and a Paris Vacation is one of the most desired honeymoons to this day. Many people travel to paris for reasons beyond romance, however, as paris france has always been known as a cultural hot spot with a vibrant art scene. Others travel to Paris to explore the historical streets and architecture. Paris is a huge city and you can hardly cover everything with one night in paris so make sure to give yourself enough time to properly explore the city during your Paris Vacation. A Paris Vacation is most suitable for adults. Though many families take trips to paris france, children will not enjoy Paris nearly as much as the adults. Whether you are planning your Paris Vacation on a tight budget or whether you have enough funds to explore paris however you desire, paris france offers something for every traveler and it is no wonder that Paris is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. The first step in planning in your Paris Vacation is researching airfares paris. If you are traveling to paris france on a budget and are looking for cheap flights paris, you will have to put some time into researching airfares paris. One of the best methods for finding cheap flights paris is to go to a travel agent and ask about airfares paris. A travel agent can give you a list of airfares paris and recommend to you the cheap flights paris, as well as provide you with all the travel insurance you will need to enjoy your Paris Vacation with peace of mind. It may not be so easy to find cheap flights paris that are direct but there are very cheap flights paris when you fly from the UK and it is pretty affordable to fly from North America to London, England. When searching for airfares paris always keep this in mind because cheap flights paris are there, they may just be hidden within the more expensive airfares paris. Now that you have looked at airfares paris, you should research paris france hotels. There are so many hotels in Paris that whether you plan to spend one night in paris or many months, there will be something for you. If your Paris Vacation is less than a month, you will probably be staying at a paris hotel. For travelers on a budget (those that were concerned with finding cheap flights paris), look into Paris hostels. There are hostels all over paris france and many of these hostels offer a different view of paris, as they are situated away from the main tourist areas and can offer you a better idea of Paris culture. Even better than a hostel for getting the feel of paris culture is renting an apartment in paris france. Many people who wish to visit Paris for a month or more sublet apartments in paris and experience life as a real Parisian local. You may wish to bring a French-English dictionary on your Paris Vacation, as most paris locals speak English but some will refuse to speak anything other than French. There is so much to do in paris france that you may wish to have an itinerary for your Paris Vacation. A tourist guide to Paris can help you plan your trip before you go. A guide will recommend all sorts of paris attractions for many different budgets. A good idea when you are visiting a city with so much history is to take a walking tour of paris france. If you are staying at a Paris hostel, many hostels will recommend to you a good paris walking tour. A walking tour can explain to you the history of paris france and can enrich your Paris Vacation. Even without a Paris walking tour, you will certainly explore such paris landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre but a paris walking tour can offer much more insight to the history of paris france and its people. Especially interesting would be a walking tour of the artists’ quarters in Paris, Montmarte and Montparnasse. Before we go any further discussing your Paris Vacation, it has come to my attention that some of you may be hoping to read about one night in paris, the scandalous celebrity video starring Paris Hilton. This article is about paris france, not one night in paris the video. If you are looking for one night in paris, it is very easy to find on any internet video streaming site. The one night in paris tape was a huge hit at the time of its release and now one night in paris is really just used to mock Paris Hilton. While this article is not about one night in paris, at least not one night in paris hilton, it is very easy to find internet discussion on one night in paris, as well as links to the video. Returning to the discussion of paris france, your Paris Vacation can be anything you want it to be. If you came to Paris with your loved one hoping for a romantic Paris Vacation, try walking down the Seine as it is lit up at night and visiting the many cafes and bistros for a late dinner and a bottle of wine. If you came to paris to experience the culture, especially the fashion and art worlds, try attending fashion shows and gallery openings. While this type of Paris Vacation may be expensive, paris does offer many possibilities for living on a budget. Paris may be more enjoyable if you are not worrying about your budget but either way paris france has so much to offer. Walking around the streets of paris france costs nothing and may still be the highlight of your Paris Vacation. With world-renowned food, drink, and culture, paris can hardly fail to meet your expectations. Many visitors to paris france return as citizens, as it is hard to leave the Paris lifestyle.