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Chest Exercises

Are you tired of avoiding the mirror and feeling sluggish?  If you are and you want to gain some confidence in how you look, there’s one simple solution – exercise!  By exercising regularly and having healthy eating habits, you will be able to shape your body the way you want to.  Become the person you want to be and enjoy the benefits of looking great and having a healthy body.

When it comes to exercise, one of the most important exercises that a person can do is chest exercises.  If you want to get attention from others and are ready to change the way that you look, chest exercises are one of the best ways to do this.  If you want to go for a muscular look, you will find that many chest exercises will help you achieve that.  Of course, if you prefer a toned, slimmed down look, then there are many chest exercise that will help you do that too.

By doing chest exercises, you will help strengthen your chest muscles and will gain a great feeling of confidence.  There are a number of chest exercises that you can do.  One of the most popular chest exercises is the chest press or bench press.  The bench press involves you lying on a bench and holding weights over your chest.  In this stance, your elbows will be bent at a 90 degree angle, and the bench press movement is to lift the weight while straightening up your elbows and arms and then moving it down in the same position.  The bench press is an excellent chest exercise that also works out the major muscles of your shoulders and triceps.  There are a number of variations of the bench press, which include: barbell bench press (instead of using a bar, you use two barbells), dumbbell chest press (using dumbbells instead of a bar), and an incline chest press (instead of lying at a 180 degree angle on a bar, you lay on an incline at a 30 degree angle).

The key when doing chest press and other chest exercises is to have a specific goal of how you want your chest to be shaped.  If you are looking for a muscular look, it is recommended that you do shorter repetitions of higher weights.  By increasing the weight levels that you use, you will increase your chest muscles strength by testing it against increased resistance.  However, if you are looking for a toned look, you will find the best way to do this is to do longer repetitions of smaller weights.  By increasing the number of times that you lift a weight, you will help shape your muscles in a toned manner.

Another great chest exercise to do that doesn’t require having exercise equipment is the pushup.  Pushups are a full body exercise but have a particularly big impact on your chest and arms.  Essentially, you place your hands on the ground while lifting your body above the ground.  From there, you lower your body slowly then back up again.  It’s a simple exercise that has great dividends.  You can do a pushup on your toes or on your knees.  If you have an exercise ball, you will be able to do a pushup on the exercise ball.

By doing chest exercises and other exercises, you will be taking control over your life.  Chest exercises will help make you look good, which in turn, will help make you feel great.  If you are looking to change your life around, you may find that by going on a routine of exercise, that change will come sooner rather than later!