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Grains and Carbohydrates - The truth about carbs!

carbohydrates help your body produce energy. However, unlike these two nutrients, carbohydrates require less water and are therefore the biggest energy source for our bodies. They play a fundamental role in building components for body tissue and cells. However, it is theoretically possible for the human body to obtain all of its energy without the consumption of carbs. One of the biggest controversies about carbohydrates is its impact on a person’s weight. This reputation is mainly due to what some health experts call bad carbs. Bad carbs or bad carbohydrates refer to food products that contain carbohydrates that have been refined by adding high amounts of sugar and white flour. This results in food that is digested quickly and causes a rapid increase in your body’s blood sugar level. This increase in your body’s blood sugar level triggers a bodily response for increased production of insulin, which causes your body to store the extra sugar levels as fat. Foods that are known to contain bad carbohydrates include bagels, French bread, and French fries. However, many medical experts recommend that individuals incorporate carbohydrate heavy food such as grain in their regular diet. The key is to make sure that you are eating food that contains good carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates or good carbs are high in fiber. They have been linked in preventing such diseases as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, heart disease, mood swings, obesity, and stress. Foods that are known to contain high fiber, good carbohydrates include whole grains, lettuce and broccoli. Much like anything in life, the key to ensuring a healthy diet is moderation. While medical experts agree that going on a no carb diet or a low carb diet isn’t the healthiest thing a person can do, it is important that you do not excessively eat carbohydrate heavy food. By striking a balance in your diet, you will find that you will be on the fast track to a healthy lifestyle!