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1920s Fashion

It’s really fascinating to see that for as many changes that there are in the fashion industry that all of these changes are partially based on past fashion trends.  While many people do their best by keeping up with the latest fashion trends, the key to being fashionable can be described as looking back at the past.  After all, pop culture can be described as cyclical but there are many fashion eras that can be described as timeless.  This is particularly true of 1920s fashion.

The 1920s were a fascinating time in history.  It was a time of extreme prosperity and eventually extreme poverty.  While the 1920s was definitely a time of extreme polarity, it was also the period in which fashion completely changed.  Often described as the time where modern fashion begins, 1920s fashion were a time where people placed a premium on comfort in their clothing.  However, 1920s fashion is always remembered to be extremely stylish and it is these two qualities that make 1920s fashion a popular time for fashion.

It was in the 1920s where women’s fashion changed drastically.  In earlier times, women wore such uncomfortable clothes like corsets.  However, during the 1920s they would start to wear long dresses that provided a more comfortable fit.  Short hair or bobs were in style.  However, 1920s fashion for women will always be tied with the Jazz Age where the flapper look became popular.  Short skirts, belts worn around the coat, hats with brims, and even an androgynous look were embraced as part of 1920s fashion.  Popular fashion accessories like feather boas and embroidery were used to accentuate the dressed down look of 1920s women’s fashion.  These accessories continue to add a touch of style for fashion today.

For men, 1920s fashion was also a transition to a more comfortable look that is still popular today.  Sports jackets and stylish suits were popular for men.  A time when men would abandon the more formal look of previous generations, it is really amazing to see how many people view 1920s fashion for men to be formal. When the 1920s reached its peak as the Roaring Twenties, men were known to wear zoot suits and loose fitting trousers.  1920s fashion for men can be considered a precursor to preppy fashion and this era can be considered the start of the business casual look.

Considering how much fondness there is for the 1920s, it is easy to see why 1920s fashion will always be considered as timeless.  A simpler time that is remembered for the illicit thrills of drinking during a time of prohibition, it is hard not to be dazzled by the stylish threads of 1920s.  For today’s generation, wearing 1920s fashion is a great way to convey sophistication without sacrificing casualness!