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Punk Fashion

The 1970s were a strange and progressive time for fashion.  The most memorable fashion trend of the 70s was the rise of disco fashion that was popular throughout the mainstream.  Seemingly symbolizing glamour and excess, it wasn’t surprising that a new type of fashion trend emerged that seemed to be the antithesis of disco fashion: punk fashion.  Whereas disco fashion represented celebration, punk fashion represented anti-authority.  Disco fashion was reflective of excessively enjoying your life, whereas punk fashion drew its inspiration from a source of anger.  Punk fashion was considered to be arty, underground, and weird.  However, strangely enough, punk fashion is now far more influential in current fashion than disco fashion, and dare we say, even more mainstream.

It’s very strange to see how punk fashion has been co-opted in the latest fashion trends, but it’s true.  Such punk fashion staples as controversial t-shirts, tattoos, leather jackets, skinny ties, military boots, Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes, and short, spiky hair are quiet common when you go through any town in this country.  Dyed hair, ripped fishnet stockings, heavy eyeliner, and safety pins are common punk fashion accessories that can be seen in popular fashion today.

It is important to remember that there are so many different subcultures of punk fashion that have their own different fashion rules.  For example, early punk fashion was strongly defined by the designs of Vivienne Westwood.  An amalgamation of mod and greaser fashion styles, early punk fashion was truly confrontational, although also a bit flaky.  More popular punk fashion includes what is known as skate punk fashion.  Skate punk fashion traditionally involves wearing baggy or torn jeans.  Additionally, hooded sweatshirts or hoodies that include some kind of logo is practically a uniform in skate punk fashion.  Of course, wearing skate shoes made from such popular brands as Vans, Etnies, Emerica, and so many others is considered to be the norm in skate punk fashion.

Of course many punks decry skate punk fashion as being too mainstream and there are many other types of punk fashion subcultures that are also becoming popular.  Punk has always had a political edge to it and this can be seen in what is known as crust punk fashion.  Generally in crust punk fashion that is influenced by 80s punk fashion (particularly hardcore) involves wearing camouflage trousers, torn shirts of popular punk bands, and studded vests.  Patches that have political messages are worn and in many cases crust punk fashion involves dreadlocks.  On the flipside of this is what is known as horror punk, which combines traditional punk fashion with goth fashion.  Black clothes are worn and makeup is elaborately worn by both sexes.  This type of punk fashion is heavily influenced by the popular 80s punk band, The Misfits.

It’s truly amazing to see how much influence punk has had on the music and fashion world.  What started out as a spontaneous fashion movement that was opposed to the mainstream has become part of the mainstream.  However, with its innovative designs and stylish looks, it’s easy to see why punk fashion has succeeded for all of these years!