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From babies to high school graduation, really where does the time go?  Parenting can be such a difficult and frustrating task but once your child has grown up, you will find that you miss it.  It’s a bit strange, but it is important to remember that once your child enters their teenage years that you still have to play an important parenting roles in their lives.

Do you remember how hard it was being a teenager?  Going through puberty, feeling like issues with your peers were matters of national importance, and trying to get that crush to like you, man, being a teenager was extremely hard.  Well, get ready to relive this experience when you are a parent of a teenager.  During this time, you can expect your child to go through a number of changes and their relationship with you will change.  The key to these changes is to remain level headed.  By this point, your children will learn more from the way that you act than what you say.

One of the most important parenting issues you will face with your teenaged child revolves around respect.  After all, that’s what all teenagers want and what they feel they don’t receive enough of.  In order to facilitate a strong relationship with your teenaged child, it is important that you treat them with respect.  You can do this by rationally explaining the reasons behind your opinions over their lives and also allowing them to glimpse more into your lives.  Although you shouldn’t strive for friendship with your teenaged child, it definitely helps if your child is able to understand where you are coming from.

However, don’t expect to be able to rationally discuss all issues with your teenaged child.  Teens are dramatic, that’s just how they are.  While they are developing into adults, they are also very child-like in the way that they expect everything to go their way.  While there may be times where you will have to put your foot down despite your child being upset, you can gain comfort in the knowledge that you are doing what is in the best of your children.

Another important issue that you will face with your teenaged child is regarding their future.  College education is becoming a requirement for many great careers and it is so important for your child to do well in school.  Make sure that you encourage your child’s learning.  Also understand that some times you are going to have to be the bad guy.  Once you accept that your child is going to “hate you” for a bit, you will be able to deal with these difficult situations much easier.

However, you don’t want to go overboard in dictating your teenaged child’s life.  After all, they are also struggling with the same concerns that you have over their lives.  Encourage their thinking about their options for after school, while still giving control over the final decision to your child.  It is also important that you prepare your child for their adult responsibilities by being a bit more hands off in their lives.  It can be a difficult task, but if you balance all of these concerns correctly, you will find that being a parent of a teenager isn’t so hard, after all.