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Domestic Travel Tips

If you’re planning to do some domestic traveling, you’ll find these ten domestic travel tips useful.

Domestic travel tip #1: Shop around. Don’t pay more than you have to for domestic travel.

Domestic travel tip #2: Check your flight in advance to confirm the time of departure. If you don’t and your flight is delayed, you could end up sitting in the airport for hours.

Domestic travel tip #3: Research travel insurance options for domestic travel and find out whether your insurance plan covers you outside of your province or state.

Domestic travel tip #4: Sometimes upgrading your airline ticket only costs a little more and is often worth and extra $10, especially if you’re on one of the longer domestic flights.

Domestic travel tip #5: If you’re taking a domestic travel trip with a friend, call the airline in advance to see if you can choose your seats. Otherwise, you may have to sit apart from your friend for your domestic flight.

Domestic travel tip #6: Even if you’re not leaving the country, the climate can be quite different at your destination compared to the climate at home. This is true of many domestic travel destinations in Canada. Because Canada is such a big country, domestic travel could take you to a whole new side of Canada you’ve never seen before. For instance, if you take a domestic flight from Toronto, Canada to , say, Iqualuit, the weather will be quite different and you’ll need to pack accordingly.

Domestic travel tip #7: Be aware that you may end up somewhere, even for domestic travel, where you don’t speak the language. There are several pockets of French-speaking communities in Canada where English is not widely spoken. It’s useful to at least know a few words before your domestic travel trip.

Domestic travel tip #8: Even if you don’t leave the country, you can still have a terrible time if you lose your wallet or it gets stolen when you’re away form home on domestic travel. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make photocopies of all your important documents, including your health card, your driver’s license, your citizenship card, if applicable, and any other ID you might need.

Domestic travel tip #9: Making phone calls can be expensive, even for domestic travelers. The best way to save money is to use calling cards at a pay phone, or to check with your cell phone company whether they can arrange for you to use your cell in other parts of the country for a reasonable fee.

Domestic travel tip #10:  Bring lots of books to read. If you take domestic flights regularly, you might find it a bit boring after a while, so it’s good to have something to keep you occupied. You can also avoid overpaying for books at the airport by bringing your own favourite books with you. Otherwise, enjoy your domestic travels and try not o get in too much trouble.

First Class Domestic Travel

The difference in price between business class and first class domestic travel can vary. You’ll have to decide whether its worth the upgrade to first class domestic travel base on the length of the flight, the cost, and the airline. Before you book, be sure to check out the perks you’ll receive with first class domestic travel. If you’re on a long trip and there’s a big difference in comfort, it might be worth going for the first class domestic travel.

Domestic Air Travel

Domestic air travel is necessary on big countries like Canada, where driving from one side of the country to the other would take days. Domestic air travel shortens travel time significantly for long distance flights. Domestic air travel is also sometimes necessary for short distance domestic travel if the destination is only accessible by plane or helicopter. This is the case in much of northern Canada when the roads are covered with snow and can’t be used for domestic travel. Some people choose domestic ari travel for business trips simply because they prefer to travel by plane than by train or bus. Of course, domestic air travel for short trips is usually a lot more expensive than driving or catching a train.

Cheap Domestic Air Fares

Though you’d expect international flights would be a lot more expensive than domestic flights, this is not always the case. In Canada for instance, a lot of domestic flights are far more expensive than overseas flights because the domestic airlines decide the air fares. If you’re looking for cheap domestic airfares, consider going on standby to catch a last minute flight for a fraction of the price. Although you might get cheap domestic air fares by going on standby, you take the chance of not getting a flight at all. To get cheap domestic air fares on standby, you have to be very flexible with when you fly.

Travel Agents

Travel agents can help you to organize your domestic travel trip. All you have to do is tell your travel where and when you wish to travel and what airport you’ll be departing from. Your travel agent will then check all the domestic flights that match your criteria and will give you the lowest fare they can find. The travel agent can do all your domestic travel bookings for you including hotels, car rentals, domestic travel insurance, and anything else you might need. If you’re a student, ask your travel agent how an ISIC card can save you money on domestic travel. Travel agents can also give you travel tips and advice for your domestic travels.