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Anxiety depression medication is designed to help people who suffered from severe anxiety and depression.  It is based on the theory that anxiety and depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and these medications are developed to “correct” this imbalance.  It is not known what causes depression or anxiety, however anxiety depression medication has been flooding the market over the last few years.  They alter the brain’s chemical functions in order to mask the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Since it is not known what causes anxiety or depression, these drugs can not cure these conditions.  They are only able to help people cope with their specific situation.  People who take anxiety depression medication usually suffer from severe forms of these conditions and the medication does help them cope with the symptoms.  However, these medications will not help everybody and they have a multitude of negative side effects.

                It has been debated recently whether or not anxiety depression medication actually works.  This is because they are based on the theory that depression and anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance, even though it is only the theory.  Scientists are currently conducting experiments in order to determine what causes anxiety and depression.  They believe that it is in the genes and that it is hereditary.  They are currently in the process of isolating the gene that they believe is causing anxiety and depression.  They believe that if they can isolate this gene, they can develop methods to cure people of this condition.  At this point, the chemical imbalance theory is very popular and is the basis for the development of many anxiety depression medications.  These medications are being marketed towards people who suffer from severe depression and anxiety.

                Even though it is not known whether or not chemical imbalance is the cause of depression and anxiety, it is known that these drugs come with a considerable list of side effects.  When watching a commercial that is marketing anxiety depression drugs, much of the commercial is taking up by the reading of the drug’s side effects. Some of these side effects include nausea, dizziness, insomnia, blurred vision, constipation, diarrhea, weight loss and gain and a lowered sex drive.  Many of these side effects are common among the different medications that are available and have actually deterred many people from using them.  People who suffer from light anxiety and depression may not need to take anxiety depression medications.  There are many nondrug alternatives that will help people overcome this condition if it is not severe enough to warrant taking medications.

                The chemical imbalance theory has yet to be proven.  Until then, many new types of anxiety depression medication will continue to flood the market.  People who are considering taking anxiety depression medication should consult their doctor before engaging in any type of medication regiment.  If the anxiety and depression is light, there may not be any need to take medication.  However, people who suffer from severe anxiety and depression should talk to their doctor before taking any of these medications.