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Panic attacks are a serious threat to people’s lives and health system they both have psychological and physical adverse effects to the individual. They may lead to the creation of phobias especially when the individual is attacked when they are in a mall or in the process of driving. Inevitably, they end up avoiding such places due to unexplainable fears that have developed. Symptoms of panic attack sometimes imitate those of a heart attack.

The symptoms of panic attack are products of the anxious nerve signals that your brain produces. It does not matter what symptoms you experience and for how long, they cannot do any harm to you, except a high degree of discomfort in some cases. There are known symptoms of panic attack that we should all watch out for when looking out for our loved ones and ourselves. 

Depersonalization is a common symptom of panic attack whereby you feel as if you do not exist and your body is not your own. This is a psychological feeling that will leave you feeling strange, often feeling discomfort, and not knowing what to do about anything at that particular point in time.
Derealization leaves you feeling unreal or dreamy. You may describe this feeling as similar to a feeling of floating in an undefined space and out of this world. It may be scary to go through this feeling and then suddenly snap back into reality.

Sweating is another common symptom of panic attack. The sweating is a reaction to increased blood flow and an escalating body temperature. A rapid heartbeat and a breathing that has considerably increased in turn cause the rising body temperature and the increased blood flow. This symptom often leads to a short breath of breath. Sweating and short of breath are the initial signs of the panic attack that are very common among those that suffer from the condition.

Dizziness and a feeling of tiredness may begin to settle in your body. This because your body enters into flight mode, which is normally reached when there, is possible danger, only this time the danger may not be real. Besides, panic attacks are an expected response to danger. Our bodies are not designed to last very long in this state so eventually the body’s systems tires easily because of the increased performance. The body wears down and hence the dizziness and tiredness. Dizziness often accompanies lightheadedness.

Fear is among all the other common symptoms of panic attack. You may experience the fear of dying or the fear of being unable to control anything and doing something embarrassing. The fear may also give way to a feeling that something that is inescapable and horrible is going to take place and you are powerless to prevent it from taking place.
All the above symptoms of panic attack may last for several minutes and they may occur anywhere but commonly during daytime.