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    There are many people who are probably wondering if there is an anxiety cure.  It is something that has been a goal for scientists for many years to uncover.  The cause of anxiety is still unknown.  The nature of panic and anxiety attacks has been the subject of experiment and study for quite some time.  Many scientists believe that the answer lies somewhere in the genes.  Currently there are experiments that are designed to isolate the gene that is believed to be the root of panic and anxiety attacks.  They believe it is causing a chemical imbalance in the brain and as a result is causing the person to experience unnecessary anxiety.  Others believe that it is the “fight – or – flight” mechanism of the brain being triggered more often than it should.  Some believe it could be a combination of both, or neither at all.

    Sense is not known what the cause of anxiety attacks are, there is no definitive anxiety cure.  There are medications that are designed to ease the frequency of attacks and reduce the symptoms, which are shortness of breath, increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and fear.  Many people who experience frequent anxiety attacks turn to these medications in order to better deal with their condition.  There are others who engaged in non drug methods that are also designed to ease the symptoms and diminish the anxiety.  Although these seem to work, there is no way as of yet to completely stop the frequent occurrence of panic attacks.

    There are thousands of people who use prescribe medication to help ease the frequency of attacks.  However, this is by no means an anxiety cure.  Like many medications, they only treat the symptoms and not the source, because the source remains unknown.  Once scientists and medical professionals are able to pinpoint the cause of anxiety and panic attacks, they may begin working on a cure that will stop altogether the frequent occurrence of these attacks.  Until that time comes, people must resort to using medications that treat the symptoms in order to make the anxiety attack bearable.  Others use methods such as breathing exercises and physical activity in order ease the anxiety attacks when they arise.  These are not cures for frequent anxiety attacks, however they do help people better deal with their condition.

    Millions of people in America are affected by frequent anxiety attacks.  They are more likely to occur in younger adults and sometimes in the late twenties. It is believed that common panic attacks is a hereditary condition that is passed down from generation to generation.  There is much that is known about the symptoms of anxiety attacks, but nothing is known about it’s source.  That is why there is no definite anxiety cure.  There are only methods and medications to help ease the attacks and make them easier to cope with.  With advances in medical technology, a cure may soon be developed.  Until then, those who suffer from panic attacks must make do with different methods of coping with their condition.