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Experiencing anxiety is normal when someone is faced with a stressful situation. A certain amount of anxiety is expected when things around us go awry, but sometimes, the levels of anxiety can get out of control and can become dangerous to a person's state of mind. When this happens, anxiety can turn into a state of panic.

When anxiety and panic occur together, the experience can be terrifying. Although there may be no immediate or present danger, that person fears there is and the outcome is exactly the same as if there was something real and tangible causing the fear. Many people have this kind of reaction from just worrying over a family matter or money problems. Although anxiety and panic are programmed into everyone for times when these emotions are handy, some are plagued with an overdose of the side effects that arise from them. No one could understand the fear unless they had ever had a real anxiety and panic attack.

People who have disorders associated with anxiety and panic may have a number of physical symptoms that can cause serious interruptions in their daily life. Some people experience trouble breathing and  chest pain. Many people think they are having an actual heart attack. When these kinds of symptoms grow, other side effects can occur like depersonalization and derealization, in which that person feels like they are going crazy or that they are in a dream instead of real life. Many people end up in the emergency room thinking that there is something really wrong when all that is physically happening is normal emotions getting out of hand.

Many of those people who suffer from bouts of anxiety attacks can be treated with medication or therapy, and many people respond to having some of both. Coming to grips with what is causing the fear sometimes is all that is needed while some may need extended therapy to learn to handle the everyday problems everyone faces in life. Many people who have succumbed to these kinds of fears can never live a normal life. It is not as easy as it sounds to always face your fears and become immune to them. Some could never perform such a feat without the help of trained professionals.

For those who have trouble dealing with things that happen to most everyone on a daily basis, help is available. Getting in touch with mental health professional who understand what is going on when these kinds of disorders happen is the best thing that a person or a person's loved one could do to remedy the horrible instability that anxiety and panic cause those who experience these feelings as real threats to their existence. Some anxiety disorders come in the form of compulsive habits, some come in the shadows of severe depression, while some cause antisocial behavior and withdrawal from the real world. While those around someone who suffers from anxiety disorders may think nothing is visibly wrong with that person, a lot may be happening inside that person's mind that would probably terrify anyone who could feel the exact feelings that person is feeling.