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Anxiety is like a worm that eats deep into the bones and marrows of its victims, disrupting their physical, mental, social and emotional activities. However, this sort of anxiety is the severe type that is referred to as a disorder or ailment. Every single individual have something to be anxious about at one point in time or other in life; but when such anxiety becomes uncontrollable and disruptive of one’s activities, then it has become a serious ailment that needs to be addressed urgently. The situation is even more serious when it is a general anxiety.

Perhaps you are experiencing an ongoing worry and fear that cannot be attributed to a specific event or circumstance; or it might be that you are worrying much more than is required given the degree of the circumstance before you. This type of worry perfectly describes general anxiety. For instance, news of epidemic in a nearby state can throw some people into deep worry even when the health personnel have given assurance that the outburst will not extend to other states or the case of worrying over the future health of a child or children who at that moment have neither symptom of sickness nor any likeliness of sickness. It is just a state of unnecessary continuous worry.

Individuals with general anxiety exhibit irrational fear over unknown danger. Even when there is an object of worry; people who experience generalized anxiety tend to react highly than other people would have reacted given the same situation. In generalized anxiety condition, a great amount of adrenalin is generated in the body when the victims react extremely to issues; this is usually the origin of panic attacks.

Generalized anxiety is usually not attributable to a substantial situation. It is a totally unreasonable fear. However, those unreasonable reasons for being very anxious constitute the causes of general anxiety; they include fear of having armed robbery attack, fear of a child’s health going bad, and fear of being involved in an accident. In fact, it is just fear of unknown danger and fear of what might happen in the future.

A condition of generalized anxiety is characterized with symptoms and signs such as shivering, racing heartbeat, insomnia, woozy feeling, nausea, absent-mindedness, inability to concentrate, restless conditions, getting constantly startled, shortness of breath and general feeling of fear. As said earlier, individuals with this kind of anxiety are highly vulnerable to panic attacks. And panic attacks if not treated can degenerate to phobia. Anxiety and panic conditions are not to be taken with levity; especially when they are becoming chronic and severe.

General anxiety and panic disorders have a very high probability of resulting to mental issues in some individuals. It becomes very important for individuals to seek for medical and psychological help when they notice that their anxiety states are getting out of control. It is better to get help and arrest the situation on time before it gets too bad.