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Okay, let’s get some perspective people – Depression is a bad a hair day! Or the blues. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, in this article you will get to know the real meaning and signs of depression.

Depression can be explained as a mental cloud over the brain, a sort of chemical imbalance, this is when the brain messes up the logic it receives and disperses. Depression can lead to indecisiveness and dysfunction within every aspect of an individual’s life, finances, physical, spiritual, physical, relationships and in society. 

Being able to have a balance of healthy body, mind, soul, family, society and finances is very vital in the life of every individual, but if one of these balances is out of an individual’s life, he or she will be travelling the path of life on a flat tire. Therefore if you feel that a friend or member of your family may be suffering from depression, make sure you look for signs of depression before you think of a way to get help for him or her.

Do you know that?

    People who suffer from depression are more likely to have an accident on the road/highway because one of the signs of depression is lack of concentration.
    The major cause of suicide is depression that was left untreated.

Causes of depression include:

    Weight gain – being the butt of “fat jokes” can trigger depression
    A death of a close friend or family member
    Major financial setback – there is no use explaining why this can lead to depression
    A close friend moves out of town
    An assault, auto accident or a painful (literally) physical experience
    Substance abuse
    Born with a disability
    Marriage break-up or jilted by someone you love deeply
    Failing an important academic exam
    Rape, physical abuse and sexual abuse
    Bad eating habits
    something embarrassing or humiliating happens

Signs of depression include:

    Guilty and or pessimistic attitude
    Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness
    Persistent sad mood
    Constant fatigue
    Loss of interest in favorite activities
    Persistent physical symptoms or pains and aches that do not respond to treatment
    Loss of appetite
    Trouble sleeping (insomnia)
    Increased panic attacks
    Irritability
    Nervous behavior
    Difficulty with concentration
    Increased crying episodes
    Heavy breathing or stomach aches appear when stress levels increase
    Suicidal thoughts, suicide plans or attempts


If you suspect that a friend’s or family member’s depression has spiralled out of control, look for these signs of depression. The following symptoms may indicate that a person suffering from depression may be contemplating suicide!

    Talking about suicide (even in a joking manner)
    Preoccupation with death
    Giving things away
    Loss of interest in things that the person cares a lot about
    Making certain arrangements (setting his or her affairs in order)
    Visiting or calling people that the individual cares about
    Suddenly feeling happier, calmer
    Statements about hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness