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Thinking About Nose Rings?

The piercing of the nose originates in India and is seen as a form of beauty in their woman. It is thought that the right nostril is the correct place for a woman to have this done as this area is often associated with the female genital according to the tradition that surround the Indian belief of the nose being pierced! It is even said to help get relief from unwanted pain during child birth somehow! (Can you say Epidural??)

Thanks to the sexy shift in our world in the late seventies and the movements of freedom; piercing your body—nose rings included—has received a whole new life during the last decade where it has become a trend right throughout pretty much every country in the world.

Before you choose the right place for you to have a nose ring fitted keep a few things in mind. Check out the health and safety license that the shop holds as this is paramount to you knowing that they practice safe and clean piercings that will not get infected because of cross contamination. Check that the person who is going to perform the piercing is qualified to be putting holes in people’s bodies!  A bad piercing can lead to all kinds of things including a nasty infection and a little but of trauma that may put you off piercing forever; causing you to never look at a needle without some serious fear!!

Your best bet for choosing a place is to ask around. Word of mouth is always a good sign check out the shop before you have the procedure done. You can even visit a shop and talk to the customers to see if they are satisfied and coming out of there in one piece after their appointments! Most shops will be cool with you hanging around and checking things out…within reason of course.

When you do finally go in for your appointment; the ring that is used when your nose is pierced for the first time is often made out of stainless steel to avoid any problems with the healing of the wound.  Your nose will be sprayed with a local anesthetic before being clamped and a dot will be drawn on the outside of you nostril to show where the piercing will be. You will be shown this to make sure you are happy with the angle and straightness of the piercing and don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not 100 percent satisfied—this is YOUR body after all! A needle will then be passed though the hole and a ring inserted. It does hurt a little some say but it is more uncomfortable than horrible, although you may find that you will sneeze more often after the piercingis done.

The first ring you will have will be on a larger scale so that when the area swells the ring can still have some movement. The clip that joins the ring at this point can be plain or can have a jewel in it to make it more attractive. Some people skip this point until they move down a size which is roughly four to six weeks later. After you have healed then you can have the ring removed and a smaller one inserted or even just a simple stud if that’s what tickles your fancy.