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How to Install a Pool

Most people don’t install their pool themselves, though you probably could if you wanted to. You’d have t hire a lot of special equipment if you intend to install an inground pool yourself. You’ll need some heavy-duty digging machines and you’ll need to know how to mix and pour concrete and finish a swimming pool with stairs., a liner, and all the rest. Some homes in Canada are packed so close together that you can’t fit the digging machines between them to access the back yard where the pool is to be installed, In such cases, you might also need to hire a crane to move the digging machines. Cranes can cost thousands of dollars an hour. Generally, it’s easier just to let the pros install your inground pool. Above ground pools, on the other hand, are a little less tricky to install because you don’t have to dog up tons of dirt. Another thing to keep in mind if installing an inground pool is that you’ll have to find something to do with all that dirt you displace. Most people pay to have the dirt trucked away but if you have a large garden, you might be able to find some other way to dispose of it.

Pool Covers

Try going one year without a pool liner; then you’ll really appreciate the beauty of a pool cover. Pool covers are usually plastic tarps that you pull over the pool to keep stuff from your garden falling into your pool and dirtying it. A pool cover is absolutely necessary if you have a leafy tree hanging over your pool. Some people buy pool covers not to keep leaves out of the pool, but to keep their children or pets from falling in accidentally. These pool covers are often nylon nets designed to catch a small person and keep them from drowning. Usually a number of hooks that surround your pool are installed when your pool is put in. The net hooks over these pegs to hold it taught.

Pool Slides

Everyone likes pool slides. Whether you have an aboveground pool or an inground pool, a pool slide is a great addition to make your pooltimes more exciting, especially if you have children. Whether you want a simple elegant pool slide or a more elaborate pool slide, you’ll be happy you bought a pool slide when the summertime comes. Many pool slides have a pump or are connected to your pool’s water pump, which pumps the water to the top of the slide to keep it wet. Most pool slides are made of plastic and they aren’t very slippery unless they’re wet. To avoid pool slide rash, make sure your pool slide is wet before you use it.

Pool Liners

Pool liners are another thing you’ll have to think about when installing a pool. A pool liner is the material that lines the inside of the pool. Some pools don’t have pool liners if they’re hand-tiled. This is not very common because it can be very labour intensive. You have to be careful when cleaning the inside of your pool and use the right tools because you can tear your pool liner if you don’t. Pool liners are expensive to replace but they’re fairly durable and should last a long time if you’re reasonably gentle with them.

Pool Supplies

Don’t forget to include pool supplies in your pool budget when installing a pool. Pool supplies can really add up: you’ll need special chemicals to control bacteria and the pH in your pool. You’ll also need a good pool liner, pool toys, and pool furniture. Other pool supplies include pool cleaning tools, like the pool vacuums that clean the scum off your pool liner. You’ll also find that a pool net is a very useful thing to have. If an animal falls into your pool, you can fish them out with a long handle pool net.

Pool Furniture

Buying pool furniture is great fun. You can buy pool furniture for inside your pool or to keep around your pool. A lot of in-pool furniture is inflatable so that it floats. You can get pool chairs and beds and even little pool tables that float around to hold your snacks and drinks. For around your pool, you might like some sunbathing chairs that recline and some little tables and umbrellas. You can also get pool speakers for around your pool that won’t get damaged if they get wet. Good pool furniture can really improve a pool party. If you have a pool party for young children it’s usually a good idea to hire a life guard. Most life guards charge about fifteen dollars an hour, which is generally worth the peace of mind.

Pool Toys

You can never have too many pool toys. Some of the best pool toys are those inflatable doughnut things. Other popular pool toys include the foam pool noodle, diving rings, and snorkel sets. You can also buy volleyball nets for pool volleyball that attach on either side of your pool to convert your pool to an underwater volleyball court. Of course, it’s always much harder for whichever team’s in the deep end. You might also want to get a ox or a shed to keep your pool toys in to makes sure they don’t get damaged. If you leave your pool toys lying around the pool or in the pool, they could get eaten by pets or, in the case of foam pool noodles, become saturated with water and not float anymore.

Inground Pools

Inground pools have been around for hundreds of years. There were pools in ancient Rome used for training and leisure. More recently, surfers began using empty inground pools to skateboard in. The inground pool was the first halfpipe.